Indian AI healthcare startup, Sigtuple makes it to Google Demo Day Asia Finals

Indian AI healthcare startup

Indian AI healthcare startup, SigTuple makes it to Google Demo Day Asia Finals

SigTuple, the digital healthcare startup based in Bengaluru will bridge the gap between public health centers and the hospitals in rural areas through its AI platform Manthana.

SigTuple, the digital healthcare startup based in Bengaluru in India, operates on the basic principle of supporting diagnosis by screening and analyzing the visual medical data with the help of Artificial Intelligence. It is one among the ten finalists to be selected for the Demo Day conducted by Google in Shanghai on September 20th of this year.

The Demo Day by Google will be conducted in Asia for the first time in September of this year. The winners will get a lot of funding from the investors and also $100,000 in the Google Cloud Credits platform. This could boost the startups and accelerate their growth. Also, the meeting with investors would help them a lot in establishing contacts with them.

SigTuple has contributed significantly to the field of digital healthcare through its AI platform Manthana.

Manthana analyses several data in accordance with the screening such as fundus, OCT scans, peripheral blood smears, urine microscopy, semen and chest X-Rays.

The data collected using these screening processes will be analyzed and sent forth for an opinion from the expert doctors around the world. The major perk of this AI-based solution is that the data is available to the doctors anytime and anywhere. So, the access for data is unrestricted.

The focus of SigTuple lies in providing better health services for people in rural India. In rural areas, people do not have access to proper healthcare facilities and even if they have access, it will not be sufficient for the person who is sick. And also, most places in the rural areas do not have access to hospitals. They have public health care centers, which cannot handle heavy and emergency cases. Therefore, the person who is sick has to be transported to a hospital which is miles away. There is always the risk that the person’s health might deteriorate and prove fatal.

SigTuple plays a major role in bridging the time lost in transporting the sick person to the hospital which is far away. It takes in the blood smears of the person and gives data to the experts who can access all the visual data of that person. The expert doctors then prescribe the medications to be given to that person, which is directly transferred to the hospital.

The medical crew which goes on to rescue that person will be equipped with the necessary medication thus helping the patient to remain stable. It doesn’t require the person to be transported to a different hospital at a fatal point.

This is how SigTuple, with the benefits of its AI, Manthana, tries to save the lives of people in rural areas.

SigTuple was one among the 305 startups participating in the event, and it got selected for the final leg of the Demo Day in Asia by Google. If they get the funding, they are sure to bridge the time lag by providing real-time data to the hospitals with the help of expert doctors who diagnose the patient’s visual data with the help of screening methods.

This would mean a great leap in the healthcare industry in India by putting people from the rural areas into the frame of digital healthcare.

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