A new mobile app monitors sleep quality using sound waves!

mobile app monitors sleep quality

A new mobile app monitors sleep quality

An innovative new sleep tracking app developed by SleepScore Labs uses sound waves to monitor the quality of sleep. The venture aims to provide better picture of user’s sleep to improve their health.

SleepScores Lab has successfully released a clinically validated app which works to track and monitor the quality of your sleep. This app claims that it can enhance your sleep by just listening to your breathing pattern while simultaneously detecting your body movements while you are asleep.

The sleep-monitory program was developed with the help of ResMed, Dr. Oz Media, and Pegasus Capital Advisors, which is a specialist in medical devices linked to sleep. It can simply be used with the help of your smartphone. The preliminary release is only for iOS devices but it is coming to Android soon.

The app can easily project inaudible sound waves around the room while you are sleeping with the help of phone’s speaker which is a SONAR system.

And then, these clever signals bounce off your body to be captured by the microphone on your smartphone. With the help of the embedded algorithms, these readings can be translated to a metric point created to check the sleep quality. It ranges from one to hundred metric system that is used to monitor the user’s sleep.

People facing issues with their sleep can use this app to get advice on how to improve and achieve better sleeping habits. The app also comes with an alarm that can wake you up at the ideal time according to your sleep cycle. It can also give you recommendations to get personalized products which can help you sleep better, as reported by Digital Trends. This includes innovative pillows and other solutions to sleeping issues like excessive snoring.

The CEO of SleepScore Labs explained how sleep can affect people’s health to a large extent and even with advancements in technology, there has been no proper way to track and monitor the way we sleep. With this app, the venture aims to create and provide a better picture of the user’s sleep to improve their health by spotting the problems and issues involved.

By breaking down the user’s sleep into different sections like the total number of hours of sleep, the duration of the sleep cycle along with the time taken to fall asleep, and the many interruptions that disrupt sleep.

There is a free version which allows users to get proper sleeping habit tips along with a record for seven nights of sleep, and recommendations to other sleep-related products at a discount. In the premium version, which comes with a $5.99 of a monthly subscription, the app offers you with your complete history of sleep. This information can be shared with professionals like clinicians who can then support and guide you to improve your sleeping health.

ResMed announced the SleepScore Labs back in 2017 at the CES. The combined ventures grew with the help of Roy J.E.M. Raymann, formerly working at the Apple Sleep Team. All the developments by SleepScore Labs have been backed up by ResMed, which includes years of research and validations against polysomnography, as reported by Mobi Health News.

A similar venture was initiated by a healthcare startup that came up with an app to diagnose sleep apnea on the mobile. ResApp developed a state of the art application which will help you detect sleep apnea even while sleeping.

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