iBeat smartwatch to alert medical professionals in case of cardiac arrest

smartwatch to alert medical professionals

US healthcare startup launches smartwatch to alert medical professionals in case of emergency

iBeat launches a dream-come-true device for heart patients, a watch that links the patients at heart stroke risk directly to medical help.

After a daunting incident, the death of a friend whose survival was possible by the method of CPR, the CEO of iBeat, Ryan Howard, began his work on the discovery of a potential device which could prevent deaths by cardiac arrest. After the immense dedication, hard-work and nights of research, the team has finally come up with a watch that analysis of twelve physiological parameters.

After the analysis, if any threat is present, the watch automatically connects to medical professionals for help. This venture works for those who are about to enter the stage of cardiac arrest and wouldn’t be able to call for any help.

Howard stated that while wearing the smartwatch if any person stops breathing, the device automatically connects to the call for help. For an example, in the event that you were having a heart failure, you would have less pulse. The device will then connect with you and ask ‘are you alright, yes or no?’

In instances of cardiac arrest, the person can’t speak anything. Hence, after no response, the watch does the next step.

The watch will connect to responsible physicians automatically due to a full LGB cell radio and GPS. Due to these factors, it doesn’t need to be attached to a phone. The device is a dream come true for heart patients. It will reach out and call the beat’s platform that transfers the call to 911 immediately. All the data about the cardiac arrest patient is provided with the 900 services along with the location.

Other information like location, medical conditions allergies, medications, and others are also provided to the Paramedics for better treatment and recovery of the patient. The medical records information is generally asked while the person sets up the device for the first time.

iBeat additionally clarified that in this circumstance where a man is having a crisis yet unfit to approach their own, the watch will associate them with a dispatch focus. The dispatcher will then call the casualty’s neighbourhood 911 services and transfer this data to the 911 administrator, as per the organization.

In any case, getting confused clinical information from the 911 administrator to the EMS reacting can be troublesome. This is due to the fact that delivering particular patient information can be a little daunting.

iBeat stated, as an approach to give EMS groups more data when they do get nearby, the patient’s watch shows clinical data and signals. Therefore, any patient undergoing cardiac arrest gets automatically connected to the 911 service.

This not only saves the life of the patient but also provides them with information related to their health and well-being. Overall, the watch is highly prodigious and versatile. Any patient who’s clearly going in the state of cardiac arrest won’t have to face detrimental consequences with this entity by their side.

The technology provides ecstatic care for the heart patients and is similar to another venture by a Danish Doctor. NEURESCUE is a venture by an entrepreneur who used to be a doctor. It is a specially designed catheter that has the capability to supply blood to the patient when the circulation to heart gets impaired. Such technology-driven ventures will surely prove to be fruitful for the prevention of deaths by cardiac arrest.

Image credit: www.ibeat.com


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