Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin announces 12 finalists for 2018 cohort

Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin

Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin 2018 cohort

The 12 teams picked out by Startupbootcamp Digital Health will try to come up with innovative solutions for major problems that are plaguing the global healthcare market.

Startupbootcamp Digital Health is associated with acceleration of digital health startups. They are based in Berlin, Germany. They have branches all over the globe. They do a lot of activities to boost the digital health startups. They organize meetings with corporates and investors, provide them with funding, refer them to alumni, etc.

This year, they have selected more than 3,000 digital health startups and had shortlisted around 20 of them after various rigorous procedures. The 20 shortlisted startups were then made to meet with the corporates, investors and subject specialists. After all this, the final 12 digital health startups for 2018 were selected.

The selected startups would get a huge amount of capital investment, have access to Startupbootcamp’s mentors and form valuable and profitable partnerships.

A three-month programme would be conducted to provide the necessary resources, guide the entrepreneurs and networking opportunities to the selected finalists.

The accelerator has a lot of tough and rigorous procedures to select the teams since they have to be qualified enough to receive all the benefits. The team must be very honest and sincere about their proposed solutions for real-time problems and must not fabricate any details or come up with an improvised solution for an issue, based on the health sector.

The teams are selected on the basis of the scientific and clinical depth of their solutions. Apart from this, they are also selected on how perfect they are to form a partnership with the corporates.

The 12 teams that were selected this year are from over 8 countries. They are:

1. Computational life: All the way from Italy, their motto is ‘Simulate the physiology, understand the pathology.

2. RAMPmedical: They are based in Berlin. They aim to close the gap between research and actual medical processes.

3. Racoon.World: This startup operates in Ukraine and they have developed a tool (a recovery clip) that one can pin on their hands. This will ensure that their hands recover and they need not compromise on playing video games or spending time with family just because they are on the path of rehabilitation.

4. ABATONhealth: Based in Germany, their aim is to build disease-specific patient-centric competence networks.

Goodsomnia: They are from Sweden and are developing solutions to stop snoring with full ECG analysis.

5. EyeMove: They operate in Russia. They are currently aimed at diagnosing the neurodegenerative diseases by the motion of the eyes.

MindMe: They are from Germany. They contribute a lot to the digital health sector by building a therapeutic app to overcome anxiety.

6. Bold Health: They are based in the United Kingdom. Aiming to build a behavioural health platform for underserved chronic conditions, they work hard towards providing a perfect solution in the field of digital health.

7. They operate from Lithuania. They are on the process of developing fully automatic computer-aided analysis or the diagnosis of X-rays.

8. Cardiolyse: Based in Finland, they try to provide perfect solutions to the problems of cardio analysis or diagnostics, in the digital healthcare sector.

9. Prediction2020: Operating in Germany, they are developing a simulation-based AI for prediction or prevention of stroke.

10. Nocturne: They are based in Germany. Through retinal image analysis, they aim to diagnose neurological disorders, thus contributing a lot to the field of digital health.

The programmes will conclude on the 27th of November, 2018, with the demo day, where the startups can display their achievements. After the programmes, the startups will be supported by Startupbootcamp Global Alumni growth program, who are currently supporting 600 startups.

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