US Healthcare startup releases AI-powered hospital benchmarking engine

AI-powered hospital benchmarking

US healthcare startup releases AI-powered hospital benchmarking engine

A US-based healthcare startup is moving towards the betterment of hospital facilities through the technique of benchmarking.

OnlyBoth is a Pittsburgh based healthcare performance company which uses the data of 4,797 hospitals and is AI-based which further helps in 130 consumer-friendly data to be used to help the public or the consumers understand which hospital is good according to their needs and why. It is not just limited to your nearby hospitals, but you can also compare hospitals nationally.

Customers who have been to those hospitals for their treatment tell about their experiences to hospitals, and then they give their data like experience, safety, and effective care and many more other performances. The data are then put over Benchmine and is used to evaluate a hospital’s performance and also the places where it needs improvement or how well it is doing.

This innovation not only helps in selecting the best hospitals for you but also shows the pros and cons of a hospital through the process of benchmarking which leads to transparency which is the first step to trust anyone or any hospital in this case. This not only gives us a good long information about the plus and minus points of a hospital but also users can have a discussion with their doctor regarding their own health which is as easy as sitting at home.

This contains geolocation technology which leads to healthcare centers all over and accesses their performance information through data on patient’s experiences. Every hospital’s performance is clearly given with specified places which need improvement.

Its search engine can search widely and wisely for all the possible familiar healthcare groups and gives you the results with the best hospital that stands out. Clear information for the patients to select from leads to a better hospital or treatment experience. The CEO Raul Valdes-Perez, PhD, and also the co-founder of OnlyBoth say that in this era of consumer-driven health care, OnlyBoth has identified the need to provide clear and concise information for patients so that they can be hands-on about having further successful hospital experiences.

Healthcare is transforming, and they are excited to be a part of the commitment to transparency, which has long been advocated by leaders in the field since transparency drives improvement.

OnlyBoth provides transparency about the health environment and before this has also launched benchmarking apps focused on nursing home and home health agency performance so that people can have a better healthcare environment. It also plans to widen its approach and go for other health sectors such as dialysis facilities, and hospice agencies.

The use of a technology like this is useful in many ways which also involves knowing about the pros and cons of a healthcare environment before entering one and going under its treatment.


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