InteraXon launches brain-sensing meditation headband

brain-sensing meditation headband

InteraXon launches brain-sensing meditation headband

Muse 2 gives you real-time feedback on your brain state, heartbeat, breathing, and body movements when you are meditating.

Recently, Interaxon, which is known for its brain-sensing headband Muse, launched its latest product Muse 2, the second generation Muse device. The Muse 2 is also worn as a headband across the user’s forehead, and it is connected to a smartphone app that delivers all the data regarding meditation. It functions very much like its previous version Muse. It can measure the brain signals using an EEG sensor, just like a heart rate monitor can measure the heartbeat of an individual.

Along with the brain signal, Muse 2 can also keep track of breathing patterns and monitor heart rate while a user is meditating. Once the user is done with the whole meditation process, Muse 2 sends the complete results on the user’s smartphone. One of the more interesting features of Muse 2 is that it tracks the user’s heartbeat, and then change the heartbeat into a calm sort of drumbeat in different sounds in order to help with meditation. The main idea behind Muse 2 is to assist the user to get in touch with his or her inner-self and improve brain activity.

Derek Luke, the CEO of Interaxon shared his views on the subject. According to him, the core value of the company technology goes far beyond just the business of meditation.

He also added that as Interaxon continues to invest and expand its reach in different mediation markets in North America and beyond, it is also excited about using its technology platform in devices like glasses and VR.

Meditation has been a part of human life for a very long time and most recently even the healthcare industry has begun to take notice of it in improving the mental and physical health of people. Based on what the Mayo Clinic has shared, meditation can be a big help in reducing the tension and stress of everyday life. According to the clinic, for many years in the past, meditation has helped with ailments like anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, chronic pain and more. As a result, Muse 2 allows people to participate in professional meditation from the comforts of their home.

Muse has been utilized in different brain researches at various universities and hospitals for getting more accurate information about fatigue, pain, PTSD, and more including mindfulness and meditation.

Interaxon is involved in brain-sensing technology which has been intended to help people getting free from any kind of physical, psychological, and emotional hurdles that people face in their daily life and make the best out of life’s every moment. According to the company, their main objective is to help people live contented, improved and more connected life with the help of prominent brain-sensing technologies and know-how.

In July 2018, Interaxon acquired the Meditation Studio, which is a top award-winning meditation app. It provides the users with well-guided meditation practices from more than 40 prominent experts.

Since the acquisition of Meditation Studio, the company is offering more than 400 well-guided meditations and learning courses on how to start a meditation practice, improve sleep, discovering happiness and changing unwanted habits.

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