Fitbit launches connected healthcare program Fitbit care

connected healthcare program Fitbit care

Fitbit launches connected healthcare program Fitbit care

Fitbit wearable comes with combined coaching and virtual care. Their recently launched Fitbit care is a unique combination of mobile app and a digital health management platform making quality healthcare more accessible to people.

The new product Fitbit care technology is a combination of the two. The product combines Fitbit plus app and Twine health’s disease health management program. This combination also aims to actually provide combined benefits of increasing patents engagement along with care for the same. Fitbit is already known for its long-existing experience and inspiring people to be healthy. And now with combining health with clinically proven behaviour changes which work on the principle of Twine health is assured to improve the health of the users.

Fitbit care program comes up with multiple uses that are worth considering and recognizing. The Fitbit program is also appreciated by a lot many companies and is expected to reach and help a large number of people.

Fitbit devices allow an individual to track the functioning of his or her body including tracking the heart rate and sleep and much more personalized care is provided.

With this real-time approach towards one’s health, any individual can get a better understanding of his overall health.

With more personalized and customized healthcare facility provided to an individual with Fitbit care program promises to support and guide people to achieve a healthy lifestyle and achieve the major healthcare goals. Fitbit is even provided with training and workout guidelines anywhere and anytime which is an add-on point. In this way the gap between the healthcare coaches and individual is built as now he can avail to the advice via app communication.

It even supports the individual to manage chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension and heart failures. Thus, Fitbit is a complete solution that empowers people to take control of their health by providing support, guidance, and accountability at the right time to remove most of the barriers that come in between a healthy lifestyle.

Fitbit is already getting appreciable responses from recognized companies like Humana Inc. and many other health systems. Because of the instant health coaching provided to the individual at the right time, Fitbit is turning into a revolution that can prevent high risk and chronic health conditions in the long run.

Fitbit has always been an inspiration and motivation among people and with this evolution of healthcare combined, it opens its own door of scope in the future in everyday health and fitness of an individual.

Fitbit care is an all in one healthcare solution that would increase healthcare and wellness outcomes and will serve to be a positive driving force in health care plans, health systems and for the employers. So, where health is concerned and its proper care, the scope is always high in the future.

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