MEDITECH comes up with EHR-integrated prescription pricing tool

EHR-integrated prescription pricing tool

MEDITECH comes up with EHR-integrated prescription pricing tool

MEDITECH has integrated DrFirst’s myBenefitCheck into MEDITECH Expanse EHR to allow the users to have an easy access to prescription pricing and to increase the price transparency.

Recently, the leading EHR vendor for more than 45 years, MEDITECH announced that its DrFirst’s myBenefitCheck solution will be incorporated into MEDITECH Expanse EHR software as a real-time benefit check tool in order to increase the transparency of prices for the patients and allowing the doctors to include their patients in the whole process of prescribing the medications. DrFirst is known for its top e-prescribing and medication management solutions.

Along with showing the information about prescription prices, DrFirst’s myBenefitCheck also allows the physicians to decide on the correct therapeutic options for their patients based on the patients’ data including their medical requirements, insurance details, and medication costs. It also enables the providers to initiate electronic prior authorization requests right within clinical workflows.

MEDITECH Executive Vice-President, Hoda Sayed-Friel said that MEDITECH can now directly check the cost using the Real-Time Benefit Check tool to acquire the actual time, up-to-date deductible amount and out-of-pocket expenditure, and other patients’ insurance-related information and other factors.

President of DrFirst, Cameron Deemer also shared his views on this new development. According to him, MEDITECH has been delivering the right solutions to healthcare organizations for a long time, and these solutions enhance productivities and help clinics to provide safe and effective patient care services.

In addition to that Deemer also said that delivering the correct cost of the medications will allow the MEDITECH patients to be better equipped and motivated for medication adherence and improve the overall health results.

DrFirst is looking forward to extending its association with MEDITECH to increase price transparency for medications and overall clinical proficiencies.

Non-adherence to the medication is a continuing issue that has affected the patients’ health all over the world. It has been estimated that non-adherence has been causing about 125,000 patient deaths and resulting in the expenditure of about $100-289 billion every year. MEDITECH is aiming to improve medication adherence and decrease costs by assimilating the RTBC tool and DrFirst’s Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA) solution directly into the web-based, mobile Expanse EHR of the company.

This incorporation will also help in reducing the data entry responsibilities on the company staff and bring down the administrative burden. On average, the tool will help in reducing the two and a half hours of administrative work every week. Along with that, the tool also helps the service providers in checking if any prior authorizations are needed and find out when a patient’s coverage has been accepted or declined.

The launch of DrFirst’s myBenefitCheck prescription pricing tool is the second joint effort between MEDITECH and DrFirst.

In September, MEDITECH provided its users of Expanse EHR solution an access to the EHR-integrated prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) link which was supported by DrFirst.

PDMPs are currently being used in 49 states. It joins all accessible PDMP databases together to allow the users to look at the aggregate of the patient information regarding prescribing, allotting, and usage of prescription medications and controlled substances.

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