Mayoclinic collaborates with UK healthcare startup to develop blockchain-based EHRs

blockchain-based EHRs

Mayoclinic collaborates with UK healthcare startup to develop blockchain-based EHRs

With a focus on new technology, MayoClinic signed an Agreement with Blockchain Company to try EHR systems as these systems will be more reliable, and quicker to use, thus, revolutionizing the industry.

Medicalchain, a recent start-up initiated the development of blockchain technology to store health records on computers. The company claims that this device with a blockchain platform can securely save information and data records of patients. The company describes this information as the single source of truth. The data is completely safe and secure and can be accessed easily.

It is an open system of the ledger that records the data of a transaction between two parties. It verifies the information and saves it in a permanent way. These records can be stored and secured, they can be protected easily and can be saved from deletion and tampering.

Now that Medicalchain has tied up with MayoClinic, the further plans are to try and test different blockchain EHR projects and also other services which are offered by the company.

The Medicalchain CEO Abdullah Albeyatti, MD, in a statement said that they are looking forward to MayoClinic to provide their health care and IT health expertise, while Medicalchain will provide with the knowledge of data storage, blockchain and crypto. Altogether, the company is looking forward to working together with MayoClinic to use several cases of blockchain health records. This seems like a golden opportunity as there is a lot to explore in this field. We feel that this working agreement will not only benefit Medicalchain but all the healthcare stakeholders.

The spokesperson at MayoClinic said that this is being done to bring about new potential benefits in the field of IT and health-care by using blockchain record holding systems. The agreement is taking its initial steps and it is not certain when the big significant changes will be seen.

This is going to be very helpful in a number of ways such as:

  • This blockchain EHR system is secure and reliable. It serves an easy access to the information.
  • The system is fast and comes at an affordable price, hence making it easier for hospitals and healthcare units to avail them.
  • As the access to data becomes easy there is a greater engagement of patients to access, view and share their data.

Now that these blockchain record systems are being used in medical field, the further view is to use these record systems in the field of education. It has been seen that medical students often find it hard to secure and manage their data, resulting in not getting enough credit for their work. If these blockchain record systems could be used to secure the records of students, it will help them to track their impact as students. These students later can become educators and can themselves pass along knowledge to their peers.

The blockchain technology is proved to be a reliable venture showing its capabilities in the market for the past couple of years. This technology has the potential to solve small and nagging problems in the field of healthcare and other industries.

Another improvisation that was recently brought about in the healthcare management industry as genome data is now being controlled and managed by the blockchain infrastructure. This resulted in an effective transfer of the resources between various medical organizations.

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