German digital health startup develops mobile app for lower back pain

mobile app for lower back pain

German digital health startup develops a mobile app for lower back pain

With Kaia, one can connect with trainers and sports psychologists in case they have any question or they need motivation regarding lower back pain.

German digital health sector is one of the promising and growing sectors that has been providing health solution to its citizens. They want to ensure that everything in the health sector has been digitalized due to the increase in ageing population which mostly suffer from back pain and other chronic diseases.

The area they are focusing on mostly is the mHealth which the government is monitoring closely to ensure all required devices have been brought in to the sector. This has seen the healthcare sector thriving and providing ideal conditions to the Germany health sector which has improved drastically over the years.

Due to back pain, people are forced to ask for a day off due to back pains which when added up makes millions of days without people working. The Kaia app that has been developed by Kaia. It is a digital startup that will help people suffering from back pain to be able to self-manage their pain.

This app was developed by pain management physicians, physiotherapists, orthopaedic surgeons and clinical psychologists so that it can work effectively to target 90% of people suffering from back pain.

The app which is AI-powered is able to lower back pain by up to 40% and has been approved as class I medical product by the EU. The app will reduce severe back pains which are said to be the prime cause when it comes to disability. Most of the lower back pain cases are not specific and this app will help people self-manage the pain. It has educational material to ensure the user has full knowledge on how to use it and also has psychological and physiological strategies.

The AI software contains treatment programmed for specific users from a total of 120 exercises. It has a motion sensor that monitors how one is performing exercises and if they are done in a systematic manner by the use of a smartphone. The exercises mostly last for 15 minutes and can be accessed anytime during the day.

In an interview Konstantin Mehl, founder & CEO Kaia Health said, “A holistic, multidisciplinary treatment of LBP using education and exercise has always been an expensive, resource-intense undertaking which makes it hard to integrate into health systems such as the NHS.”

By digitizing therapy we’re democratizing access to effective treatment of LBP. This empowers and motivates individuals to take control, and self-manage their condition with evidenced-based, non-pharmacological, cost-effective alternatives that could save the UK economy billions each year.

The Kaia app and advances in technology demonstrate why we need to rethink how we treat diseases and make digital self-management a more realistic part of treatment.

This app is a mobile health solution to people living in Germany that have been suffering from back pain, it will also bring significant growth in the digital health market. People will no longer have to skip their day’s activities due to back pain because they now have a digital solution. This is the solution for the elderly population in Germany.

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