Masimo-Thermomedics collaborate to launch contact less thermometer

contact less thermometer

Masimo and Thermomedics release bluetooth powered contact less thermometer

Masimo has partnered with Thermomedics to release the world’s first non-contact wireless thermometer which can connect to the root monitor and automate integration of patient related data.

The USA market will bear witness to the release of a wireless Bluetooth powered thermometer in the market. The device goes by the name TIR-1 with the makers being Masimo and Thermomedics, a PositiveID company. The contactless TIR-1 will now be able to successfully integrate Masimo’s connectivity platform as well as its powerful Root patient monitoring.

With the help of the TIR-1 thermometer, users can now check accurate forehead temperatures for any type of patient.

Since it is a non-contact device, the chances of crooks contamination are eradicated. The users will also not have to purchase consumables such as probe covers, and other additional disposable materials.

It is very simple to use and with the help of its one-button operation, patients can now get accurate results within a matter of seconds. The time utilized to read temperature using traditional methods is now wiped out. Thermomedics and Masimo take the credit for the development of Bluetooth connectivity technology in the device which transfers the data to a nearby Root monitor which in turn automates the integration of important patient-related data with beside devices.

This data also includes warning scores which are then fed to the nearby hospital all thanks to a technology called as Masimo Patient Safety Net.

Founder and CEO of Masimo, Mr. Joe Kiani, said that the product is a unique example which highlights the powerful versatility as well as the expandability of the root platform. He also stressed that the company is committed to improving patient care with the help of modernized automatic workflows.

He further added that the TIR-1 makes it very efficient to record multiple patient temperatures without the need for manual human intervention.

He also stressed that Masimo is more than delighted for having partnered with Thermomedics to come up with an impressive thermometer for Root customers.

Wireless thermometers are a hot topic of discussion for this year. A host of different wireless thermometers have hit the market this year with notable releases being Kinsa, etc. However, unlike the Masimo TIR-1 which has been designed specifically for providers, the Kinsa thermometer is more towards the consumer segment.

Another notable example is the VivaLnk which is a wearable thermometer suited for children. The thermometer then connects to a mobile app.

Despite the benefits, what truly makes TIR-1 unique is the fact that it uses Bluetooth technology making it virtually wireless. Masimo has even claimed that the TIR-1 thermometer is the only thermometer of this kind in the market.

Post the release, Chairman and CEO of Positive ID, Mr. William Caragol, said that the team has worked very hard to come up with the TIR-1 product which is the world’s first Bluetooth powered non-contact thermometer which is then paired with a vital signs monitoring system.

He further added that his company is proud for having partnered with Masimo and stressed that both the firms shall work hand in hand to develop more world-class products for their customers.

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