Medical image management developer Ambra Health announces new mobile app

Medical image management

Medical image management developer Ambra Health announces a new mobile app

Ambra Health, the makers of the medical image management suite, has announced the launch of its first mobile app for iOS that will help in accessing and viewing medical image with ease.

Ambra Health, the makers of the leading NYC cloud-based, medical image management suite, announces a new mobile application for the iOS platform. It is their first mobile application, and they have made it for the quick access of the healthcare providers and patients. This application has made it quite easy to access the medical images right in the palm of their hands. The application is designed with keeping the ease of viewing and quick accessibility in mind, and so it is fully optimized for viewing on the mobile screen.

This application can be only accessed by the authorized personals. Once a person logs into the application, he/she can access all the current as well as the previous images in the study lists without any lag. Users can view these images effortlessly and also utilize the radiology looks like zoom, pinch, and rotate with only the gestures of their hands.

This app supports all types of images from any of the connected PACS including CT, MR, CR, US, PET, and MG. These images can also be shared securely direct to other administrations, physicians, and patients.

The Ambra application was developed in close collaboration with all the leading providers. It allows the physicians to communicate with other physicians and patients, and the images can be accessed on the go by the authorized logged in person.

A physician who has access to this application stated it to be very easy to handle. He also added that viewing the patient’s imaging and scrolling through the images was immediate without any lag in time. It was as good as viewing images in the office. Moreover, with this app, he was able to share the imaging with other providers securely. This way one can use this application from anywhere and access the data without running to the office each time.

Ambra Health did a wonderful job by transforming medical imaging through cloud technology into everyone’s pocket. This company was also recently recognized as a top medical image exchange vendor for the fourth consecutive year.

This healthcare company is surely on the verge of bringing more and more such beneficial applications and devices for the betterment of the healthcare industry.

Because of its great work, it also receives a good funding for letting all its research go in the betterment of the field. Last year, this company was one of the top ten healthcare technology companies to receive the largest funding.

This is a very useful app for healthcare providers and patients using medical imaging. The application is available on the Apple App Store for all the iOS users. This is the very first application by the Ambra Health.

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