Royal Philips launches mobile app for patient monitoring

mobile app for patient monitoring

A Mobile app for patient monitoring

Royal Philips has launched a new mobile app for monitoring patients and helping clinicians by notifying any change in the patient’s status.

Royal Philips, the global leader in healthcare technologies, has designed a new mobile app for patient monitoring. This FDA-cleared and CE marked application comprises of patient monitors, clinical support algorithms, and wearable biosensors.

This new mobile application, Philips IntelliVue Guardian Software, has received a 510(k)-clearance certificate from the FDA (US food and drug administration). The Royal Philips app mostly helps the clinicians with optimized workflow and mobility.

In hospitals, the patient information and his status are written with colour codes on a whiteboard that is located in the center. This is the traditional way of understanding the patient’s status and any changes in it. This can cause inefficiencies and delays in treatment and care at times because of not receiving important updates on time.

With the Royal Philips new mobile app, clinicians can keep track of patient’s vital signs collected through the compatible device such as wearable biosensor or the early warning sources on the mobile screen.

The IntelliVue Guardian Software helps the clinicians in getting updates on the patient’s condition as well as deterioration. This way now the clinicians can notify the changes in potential deterioration before any major adverse effect of the condition.

The Philips spokesperson emphasized the fact that patient deterioration is a major concern, and clinicians need proper data in real-time to offer help and care before any adverse event occurs. This lets them to the idea of monitoring the patient’s vitals and keeping the clinicians updated regarding the health conditions.

The IGS application also helps in optimizing and enhancing the workflow by letting the clinicians view a patient’s vital in graphical form to track any changes. This technology helps the person to track all the patients in the unit at the same time and get notifications regarding any changes right on the mobile phones. This application meets all the specifications and is configured to meet the caregiver application’s preferences.

This application is available worldwide on iOS as well as Android phones. The clinicians can download it from the app store and use it to monitor the patient’s health and get the needed support immediately when required.

Philips has been in the healthcare industry now from some time and has been continuously climbing the ladder to the top. Last year, it was recognized as one of the 100 key companies in the digital health sector. Moreover, Philips has been recently more involved with the ways to make post-operative recovery an easier process. It focused on the idea of making an ambient environment before and after the surgery as this calms the patient and helps in fast recovery.

Philips was also seen interested in providing a remote intensive care unit (ICU) monitoring program in Japan to provide better services in the department of the healthcare. Philips also made headlines for inking a deal with the US Air Force regarding the remote monitoring sensor, also know as the BATDOK (Battlefield Airmen Trauma Distributed Observation Kit).

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