New noninvasive insulin pen iSenz completes trials, seeks a partner to hit the digital health market

noninvasive insulin pen

Noninvasive insulin pen iSenz seeks a partner to hit the digital health market

A new insulin delivery system iSenz has just been through its final trials and is ready to hit the market as soon as it finds a suitable partner in the pharma industry. This injection is similar to insulin pens that have been traditionally used by diabetics for self-injections at home on a regular basis. But the iSenz has a special feature addressing a concern of many healthcare practitioners that other insulin pens were not able to alleviate.

While other auto-injector pens like the Lantus Solostar, Novopen, PenMate, Lilly Kwikpen and others have come a long way in enabling users to receive the correct doses, they don’t address the fact that users often find it difficult to inject at the right angle.

The design of the iSenz system helps users ensure that they take the injection only at the effective 45-degree or 90-degree angles.

Diabetics can put themselves at risk if they miss their doses or take incorrect doses. Over the years, there have been many improvements in the insulin pen. Today, most pens have a measurement system to allow users to track the dosage. They also come with conveniences like replaceable cartridges or refills.

However, there haven’t been innovations to help users make sure they are injecting correctly, until now. The advent of the Internet of Things and an environment that supports smart medical devices enabled a Canadian company, nGageIT to design iSenz.

iSenz is not just an insulin delivery system. It is also a monitoring system for noninvasive injections. Like most modern insulin pens, it is easy to use.

The device uses a light and gyroscope setup to indicate the angle at which it is all right to take the dosage. When the patient is holding the pen at a 45 or 90-degree angle, the light flashes blue and the patient knows it is okay to inject the insulin.

With the help of the iSenz, patients can also seek professional help if needed. The pen tracks how the patient takes insulin over time. After every application, the pen automatically senses the amount of insulin used, and if there were any other drugs used, and sends this information to the user’s smartphone.

It can also share this information on the HIPAA-compliant cloud, where a preferred medical professional can monitor this information. If they think the user is not using the injection in the proper way over several injections, they can show the user the correct way.

Raj Reddy, the president of nGageIT said, “iSenz is a new modernized insulin pen. This is development in order to help people use the insulin pen properly, especially when they are using it at home.”

The delivery system doesn’t have to be restricted to insulin injections. Reddy also said, “This technology is designed to be used for the other medications similar to insulin injection.”

It may be used in other scenarios where sub-cutaneous self-injections are necessary, such as for arthritis, erectile dysfunction with penile injection therapy, etc.

iSenz is a new technology that is poised to help millions of people self-inject their medications in the correct way. It is yet to hit the markets, however. Raj Reddy said that the company is exploring different options and looking for various leaders of pharma companies for the partnership.

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