Swiss pharma company, Novartis using gamification to help cancer patients

gamification to help cancer patients

Swiss pharma company, Novartis using gamification to help cancer patients

Novartis has taken a step ahead to give ease to Neuroendocrine Tumor (NET) patients. Galaxies of Hope app give a digital experience to such patients by giving them confidence via storytelling.

Swiss pharma company Novartis, based in Basel Switzerland that provides solutions to address the evolving needs of patients worldwide. The company known to come up with innovative digital solutions to address complex health issues is now working with working with developers to develop a new a (Neuroendocrine tumour) NET app that will help cancer patients. The videos will be used in telling stories to cancer patients together with their families.

The pharma company has announced that, by launching Galaxies of Hope app caregivers, patients and providers will be able to have a different approach when it comes to NET (Neuroendocrine tumour) cancer.

This digital experience will engage patients through storytelling that is visible from other people who have gone through the same.

This app will work for patients who are suffering from cancer to be able to go through their personal journeys. Novartis is partnering with Numinous Games which is an award-winning video game developer to ensure the app is available on the iOS app store. People will experience the app in three different dimensions to be able to engage with other users.

Raising awareness this way, Novartis believes that people who are surrounded by cancer patients or have cancer will get more understanding of this disease, thereby finding ways to cope up with the disease.

The content from the video will be poetic, rich and also interactive to present a new digital experience to cancer patients that will be new and unique. They will also have the opportunity to learn all the emotions related to this disease. NET is developed from cells that are known to secrete different hormones that regulate body functions. Most of the NET cancers are said to develop in the lungs, pancreas and gastrointestinal tract but they can also occur throughout the body.

In an interview, Amy and Ryan Green who are founders of Numinous Games and the developers of the app said “Novartis asked us to create a platform specifically designed for the NET cancer community. We had the unique experience of sharing our own medical journey with the world through a video game, and we had been looking for a way to help other people share their experiences. We interviewed patients, caregivers, and physicians and asked them to describe, in their own words, what it’s like to navigate the patient journey.”

These interviews informed the artwork and design of this experience, which along with the audio of their interviews, is intended to be representative of the various emotions, obstacles, and successes expressed by these NET cancer patients, their caregivers, and physicians.

Ameet Mallik, EVP and head of US oncology at Novartis, said that “At Novartis, our vision is to reimagine how we can provide new platforms for patient support. We believe that this app can have a real, positive impact in the NET cancer community. We hope that the creation of this virtual patient journey experience for the NET cancer community will provide support to those living with this rare disease and those who manage and care for them”.

The company believes that these stories will provide ease to cancer patients as they would know the success stories of cancer patients and how they managed to survive with the deadly disease.

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