Prevention programs for healthier lifestyle among people

prevention programs

With an increase in population, demands and lavish lifestyles of humans, there has been a significant increase in the number of diseases which a person can develop in his/her lifetime. With a poor work-life balance, patients find it difficult to focus more on their health and end up spending a significant part of their savings on curing the issues in their bodies after detection of diseases rather than its prevention in the first place.

Company and Product name: SAP Health Link


The company aims to bring out an optimized product which combines physical products with the latest digital services in the healthcare industry.

Instead of treating patients who are already affected with Diabetes Type-2, the company aims to target patients that might have a metabolic syndrome similar to Diabetes itself.

The company thus has developed a Diabetes Prevention Program. As the company doesn’t have a direct interaction with physicians, they have collaborated with Roche Diagnostics for the medical product support.

Aim of the product

In general cases, the patient is required to visit the doctor for regular consultations, wherein he is suggested with a particular fitness plan, briefed about the Do’s and Don’t’s and prescribed medicines to cure the health issue. But until the next consultation, the physician has no control over how that plan is executed. The SAP Health Link program makes the doctor more involved with the patient. Using the data fed in the mobile app, the physician can directly notify when the patient needs to monitor his daily routine, by his food intake, exercises, etc.

This motivates the patient for behavioral change, as well as makes healthy changes in their lifestyle with the combined physician support.

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Initial scope

It is completed dependant on the doctor who needs to identify patients who are capable and open to this new technology and enroll them in the prevention program.

Application specifications

The application is connected from a central SAP cloud which ultimately secures all the fed in data and gives access to the doctor as well as the physician.

Health parameters like Step Meter, Blood Glucose, Abdominal Girth can be saved using technologies provided by Roche Diagnostics. After consultation with the physician, a target for parameter reduction or increment can be fixed. If the goal is met, a green color is notified on the data scale, and if not, the physician can directly communicate the patient thereby reducing the number of times a patient visits him and hence the efficiency of the process.

The application stores the complete history of patient data over a range of months which helps both the doctor and patient to decide where he/she needs to improve. It also enables the doctor to club various parameters, for example, weight and height together and thus identify the individual parameter as well as combined risk level.

User/Client Wisebenefitsandperceptions


  • Gives an opportunity to improve patient care
  • All health parameters can be checked at once.
  • Multiple patient data can be observed.
  • Can directly notify patients of potential risks without them visiting.


  • Improve health with the safety and backing of both the doctor as well as technology.
  • Can set targets for future and if not met, the patient is notified. This makes the physician also more informed if the patient’s traits.
  • Can compare history and behavior using previous data.

Health Insurance Companies:

  • The establishment by government and legal regulations.
  • Formulate new policies after proper analysis.
  • Analyze data as follows:
    • Compare data as per geographic locations.
    • Very age and other parameters to study section wise health issues for policy formulation.
    • Analyze enrollment statistics.

Life Sciences and Pharma Industry:

  • Can collaborate with medical insurance companies for better businesses.
  • Can sell a complete health care bundle rather than just medicines for better healthcare provision.

Prospects of the product

It is important to check which diseases require a right combination of physical products as well as technical resources and a particular prevention program can be formulated.

The scope of the project can be further expanded by technical advancements and appropriate solutions.


Kathleen McGuire, Strategic Lead EU Projects, Ayrshire & Arran NHS, Scotland, United Kingdom

Michael Strübin, U4H Industry Advisory Team / Continua Health Alliance, Brussels

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