Stop worrying about safety of medical records | Cryptolab develops Crypto Search Engine

safety of medical records

Crypto Search Engine significantly improves the safety of medical records

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Non-conformist ideas, a helping nature, and a penchant for prime numbers led Massimo Bertaccini to start Cryptolab, a Crypto Search Engine (CSE) Platform for Health Care which ensures medical records’ safety with a disruptive mechanism of encrypting data.

CSE® enables the upload, the storage and the sharing of the Medical Electronic Records in an encrypted way. It’s able to search and process directly on encrypted files without the necessity to decrypt them. That is a unique and disruptive feature that allows the protection of the patient’s data in term of security and privacy. On the other hand, it enables the doctors to share and connect with other doctors and hospitals in order to acquire information in a reserved way without never exposing the personal and sensitive data of the patients.

The beginning of Cryptolab

Cryptolab roots can be traced back to 2002 when Massimo met Terenzio, an autistic person. He was affected by this terrible, yet mindblowing disease where he could visualize big prime numbers in his mind. Over a period of time, they both happened to become good friends and this inspired Massimo to start his work in Cryptography as the subject is all about dealing with big prime numbers.

Terenzio was responsible for igniting the spark that ultimately led to the implementation of Crypto Search Engine Platform (CSE) after years of research and hard work.

Massimo filed his first patent in Cryptography in 2009 where he met the co-founders of Cryptolab. There was no looking back from this point on. In 2013, they managed to raise funding from a Venture Capitalist which made them expand their horizons and complete the CSE platform.

The uniqueness of CSE

As with the current technology, data is usually encrypted and decrypted in order to process the data. CSE® totally overturns this concept using a new and disruptive way of encryption. The concept is to search, share and browse files without decryption taking advantage of the public cloud. In this way, both security and privacy of the data are totally preserved. CSE® also enables the direct search on encrypted files without the necessity to decrypt them, which enables other doctors to find important medical information without having access to the related personal information.

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How does the future look for Cryptolab?

Cryptolab is currently testing CSE and making many trials (POW) with potential clients in EU and US. They are based both in EU (Italy) and US (Silicon Valley) where they have their headquarters.

“Our main aim is to improve the platform implementing more tasks and features in the near future. Beside that we are currently working to market the CSE and to establish a good relationship with clients,” Massimo Bertaccini

They are looking for visionary doctors, private clinics and hospitals that can test our system and evangelize it as a new disruptive technology to connect the world of medical data.

The team’s vision for the future is to use Crypto Search Engine to built new disruptive and unique applications in the scientific and medical field such as Neuroscience.

Massimo has highly ambitious goals and he hopes to make greater strides in making the health care more accessible and secure. He advises the digital health entrepreneurs to look at the future as a big opportunity.

Never in the past, the human race had the possibility to make giant steps. But the ideas has to be not only theorized but also implemented and evangelized. That is the hardest part of the game!

This team of highly diligent and committed people are bound to make a mark in the digital health sector in the coming future. And, that is ultimately going to benefit each one of us all as more and more people start depending on a secure environment for carrying out digital health transactions and related activities.

Website CEO & Co-Founder Contact USA Headquarter Italy Headquarter Massimo Bertaccini [email protected] c/o TechLab Innovation
Center 2040 Martin Ave
Santa Clara California 95050 USA
Via Livia Venturini n.15/M
40026 Imola (BO) ITALIA

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