Top 5 digital health solutions in dermatology | Mobile apps identify skin diseases

Top 5 digital health solutions in dermatology

Top 5 digital health solutions in dermatology

Mobile apps identify skin diseases

1. First Derm Online Dermatology

Initiated by First Derm and developed by iDOC24 AB, the First Derm Online Dermatology is a smartphone application that assists the user to contact the dermatologist most quickly. The app has already solved 30,000 dermatology cases online and is successfully solving other cases. The application allows the user to take two pictures of the affected skin area and asks the user to describe the symptoms using the available web application form.

Later, the user needs to pay the fees using the credit card for sending the pictures and case details to the doctor panel, which is then reviewed by the professional skin experts under 24 hours. The application helps to solve the problem via expert’s medication and advice, and if the condition is severe or chronic, then the dermatologist asks for an appointment to get scheduled ASAP.

The application is based in the USA, where the general public needs to wait for at least 32 days to see a dermatologist personally. The app saves time and money by allowing an expert to assist on the skin diseases online within a matter of few hours. The advanced feature of the application also helps to spot the cancer disease.

2. Dermatology Atlas & Treatment

Developed by the Zannurious, the Dermatology Atlas & Treatment is a smartphone application that is primarily designed for providing convenience and ease to the medical students, doctors, nurses, dermatologists, skin experts and other health practitioners for a complete guide of Dermatology Atlas with treatment. The application has several solved cases that are explained in a detailed way.

The various skin diseases such as bacterial infections, fungal infections, acne, drug eruptions to the skin, eczema, alopecia, leprosy, viral infection, parasitic infections, etc. to name a few. It is one of the best digital applications for the aspiring medical students who wish to understand the different dermatology treatments with a practical guide.

Also, the doctors who have solved such cases before can refer to the application for getting additional information about the particular skin disease or disorder. For both the dermatologist and the medical students, the app works as a guide and a friend for understanding the detailed analysis of the common to the chronic skin disease.

3. DermaCheck Dermatology

Developed by DermaCheck, the application offers online consultation with the board of certified dermatologists or skincare experts. The consultation provides treatment for the particular skin disease with using medication and treatment follow-up plan in the USA. The different skin care conditions are treated here including eczema, acne, hair loss, dandruff, psoriasis, rosacea, etc.

According to a new survey taking an appointment with the doctor in the US is a lengthy task, but with the help of the DermaCheck Dermatology, the patient can get diagnosed through the application request. The application allows the user to click the pictures of the affected skin area along with the explanations or medical details.

Later, the dermatologist creates a customization plan of treatment, which begins after they receive the payment from the user’s end. Also, the application directly sends the list of medications to the pharmacy store (you prefer). It is one of the best apps for skin care across CA, USA.

4. Dermatology A-Z

Developed by American Academy of Dermatology, the Dermatology A-Z smartphone application is primarily designed for helping the patients suffering from the various skin-care issues or diseases. Skin diseases are quite common to have but it affects quite badly due to the severe tingling and burning sensations, the application helps the patients to understand the causes and symptoms of the disease with minute detailing before guiding with the treatment process.

The application features or provides access to proven based dermatology treatments and results along with insights of diseases affecting hair and skin. The unique feature about the application is the Real-time UV Index based GPS system that helps in managing the dangers of the ultraviolet radiation. Above all, the app also helps the user in tracking the details and locations of the best dermatologist from the nearest place using the GPS.

The motive of developing the Dermatology A-Z application is to help the skin care patients in getting the right guidance for the treatment along with the knowledge of the causes and symptoms. The app focuses on chronic skin care issues such as skin cancer and also aids the user in getting complete information about the harmfulness of the ultraviolet radiation. The app is available for free download on the Android mobile operating platform.

5. iDoc24

Developed by iDoc24 Inc, the digital solution is a smartphone application available for years for helping the entire skin-related fraternity with easy and quick skin disease solutions and treatments. The app has successfully been featured on the USA Today, Forbes, Wired, and CNET for providing continuous support and help to the dermatologists around the world. The application helps the user to get skin-related answers anywhere and anytime by the board-certified dermatologist experts.

All kinds of skin related diseases are covered here for providing complete treatment and guidance to the users. The application allows the user to take the click of the skin affected area and suggests to upload it with the useful notes including the symptoms for getting a quick response from the board of skincare experts.

It is one of the most reliable applications for helping people around the world to consult with the online dermatologists in a natural way. They have answered approx 20,000 skin care issues gracefully.


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