Zebra Medical Vision develops novel AI algorithm to detect brain bleeds

AI algorithm to detect brain bleeds

Zebra Medical Vision develops novel AI algorithm to detect brain bleeds

Israeli company Zebra Medical Vision is using AI technology for diagnosing brain haemorrhage. It also detects heart attacks and breast cancer.

Healthcare startups in Israel are coming forward to solve major health issues. The government of Israel is helping such startups as they consider the health of an individual is the primary factor for a better lifestyle. One such company, Zebra Medical Vision is using AI techniques to detect critical diseases such as brain bleeds or intracranial haemorrhage. The company recently obtained European CE-Mark for its research in AI algorithm.

Zebra Medical vision’s deep learning Imaging Analytics Platform has been approved by the regulatory further expanding its All-In-One (AI1) business model.

This revolutionary imaging platform helps in automatically identifying vertebral fractures, coronary artery calcium, low bone mineral density and other conditions such as emphysema.

Data obtained from imaging platform would help in addressing the challenges of brain bleeds. Elad Benjamin-CEO of Zebra Medical Vision said, “We’re excited to announce our first acute care algorithm with the potential to help radiologists better manage their workload, and properly prioritize urgent cases over others.

He further added, “This helps take PACS & Worklist management systems to the next level in helping radiologists manage patient care, all in a transparent and globally affordable business model.” With the help of new AI algorithm, the firm enhances minimal delay and better precision for physicians and healthcare professionals.

Studies show that around six million deaths per year occur due to brain bleed related conditions thus underlining the importance of timely detection.

Advanced imaging platform would help the students in strengthening the concept of brain bleeds efficiently. Moreover, the company is working on high impact algorithms that will help in AI-based radiology. For the past two years, the company is working on different AI algorithms in diagnosing heart attacks, breast cancer, and other critical diseases.

Dr. Michael Philips, Chief of Intermountain Healthcare clinical and outreach services said: “The ability to alert radiologists and surgeons to the presence of brain bleeds is critical, and will bring significant benefits in patient care to healthcare organizations.” Research says that 12% to 51% of the time, brain bleeds are not recognized and until now, 6 million people have died each year. Untimely detection of such major disease becomes an obstacle to patient’s health as the healing time reduces.

Zebra Medical Vision has developed fully automated AI tools for such condition and the company is offering these tools to customers at just $1. Customers can get their scanning done at much lower cost.

The company is working hard to raise funds and planning to expand their operations with received funds. The government of Israel is supporting the company by providing essential resources and clinic’s assistance for testing their AI algorithms. It is expected that the company will turn out to be a key player in AI technology as it is completely transforming the imaging platform.

Image analytics would help the doctors to understand the patient’s disease more closely. Healthcare professionals and researchers are implementing these eHealth technologies in their clinics to ease the health services.

Image credit: www.istockphoto.com


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