digital health collaboration to use AI to predict allergies

digital health collaboration digital health collaboration to use AI to predict allergies new digital health collaboration is aimed at utilizing blockchain technology to store data and AI algorithms for predicting allergies.

Anthem Inc. aims to transform the healthcare sector in America and come up with new solutions to tackle people’s health issues- which is what it has done by collaborating with, an AI-based platform which uses blockchain technology to provide solutions to people and transform the health sector.

An official announcement of the collaboration of these two companies took place on 2nd August 2018. They will evolve a new system which will collect and store data using the blockchain technology and can process these data to find out the possibilities of allergy in the USA.

The field consists of an AI that can monitor the data input by the people and predict the possibilities of allergy. The data will be collected from the people from the iOS app and it will predict whether the possibility of allergy is likely or not.

The data collection includes a lot of Omics– Phenomics, Genomics, Proteome, Microbiome, Clinome, Pharmacome, Physiome, Exposome and Sociome. All these help in identifying the health conditions of that person. For example, Genome holds the history of the family health conditions of that person; Exposome finds out about the location of the person and analyses how clean or polluted it is. Based on the collective input from all these Omics, it will help the AI to predict the possibility of allergy for that person.

This is a prototype and it will monitor how the people’s conditions are, both internal as well as external. The data predicted using these models can help the people in the case of medical emergencies and there is no fear of data stealing or leakage too.

The worry of data leakage is completely eradicated as the technology is going to use blockchains. Blockchains are considered very secure when it comes to data storage. The data is encrypted and is available on a public platform and needs to be verified continuously by blockchain miners. The data once written to blockchain is immutable. In fact, once the person is done with the data trail, the server erases the data from its servers.

This is not developed into a full-fledged expertise yet. The data trail for this application was also announced on 2nd August 2018 and will go on for a period of 12 months. It will consist of the teaming up people and the Harvard Medical School which can predict models using the data collected by the employees of Anthem Inc. Thus, the partnership is beneficial.

This is a real-time data monitoring where the people can use the predictions when consulting a doctor or before taking treatments.

Gail K. Boudreaux, President and Chief Executive Officer, Anthem said in a statement that Anthem was pleased to partner with and helping the people benefit from the long-term effects of this particular advancement.

She also said that Anthem wanted to create a responsible and safe utilization of AI in the field of healthcare.

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