German-Chinese firms collaborate to improve digital health services in China

digital health services in China

German-Chinese firms collaborate to improve digital health services in China

Merck, a leading multinational pharmaceutical company in healthcare, life science, and Tencent collaborate for better digital health services in China. This strategic tie-up between German-Chinese Firm, Merck and Tencent respectively, focus on improvising the life of people by enhancing the patient-centric healthcare issues through advanced digital platforms. This “intelligent digital health services” also aim to impart more convenient and smarter medical services via the digitalized platform to the patients, providing them with a better and organized way to handle chronic diseases.

Tencent, being one of the leading investment ventures has joined hands with German multinational Company, Merck with a futuristic goal to provide all sort of medical help and treatment of Merck’s Healthcare business to the people in China. Merck and Tencent will together explore various distinguish ways to spread awareness related to wide category of diseases that include allergy, infertility, diabetes, thyroid disorder, cardiovascular diseases, and oncology such as metastatic colorectal cancer and will encourage people to adhere to the treatment plans, medical resources, and endeavour to achieve highest level in medical science through digital advancements and services.

The tie-up has been at the forefront of imparting benefits to patients and their families with its innovative medicines and healthcare solutions.

Merck is the world’s oldest and authentic pharmaceutical company, founded in 1668; today holds a brand-name in the global market whereas Tencent, an investment giant, often invests heavily in people and innovation, enabling everyone to evolve with the digital advancements. Tencent was founded in Shenzhen, China, in 1998. Tencent refers to the industrial internet as the networks and big data analytics overseeing physical equipment, including medical devices and hospital hardware.

Leveraging this collaboration in 2019 will help to drive digitalization in the field of medical science and this, in turn, is an integral part of Merck’s futuristic approach in China.

By huge data analysis and insights on digital platforms, generating new partnership – Merck is looking forward to achieving goals of national health and protect Chinese citizens.

With the agreement being signed by German and Chinese firms, it has brought them closer to achieve the mission to safeguard the lives of 40 million patients in China by 2025 through the medium of digitalizing medical science which in turn will generate new ways of treatment, remedies and healthcare programs. Both the firms have committed to flourishing a multi-dimensional intelligent medical ecosystem for the greater good of Chinese patients.

A dynamic healthcare partnership will focus on making medicines and standard health treatment convenient, accessible and efficient for all patients via huge digital platforms that will make collective use of artificial intelligence, data science, big data and cloud computing to bring revolutionary change in medical science and healthcare programs.

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