Giblib launches VR app for training medical practitioners, students

VR app for training medical practitioners

VR app for training medical practitioners

Giblib has designed a VR app for medical students, nurses and practising surgeons, showing videos replicating the experience of seeing a procedure in OR room with an actual physician.

Recently, Giblib, which is the streaming media platform presenting the largest archive of on-demand medical lectures and surgical videos in 4K and 360-degree virtual reality, announced the introduction of the first VR app for an engaging operating room experience in order to improve surgical education. Through this VR app, Giblib offers medical students and medical practitioner with the most engaging and easy way to access the operating room (OR) experience anywhere and at any time. It can be watched on the web, on mobile, and virtual reality.

The app and its videos are available to any consumers by having a subscription to the Giblib’s streaming media service and Oculus VR device including an Oculus Go headset or Oculus Rift System. Giblib has exclusively partnered with prominent academic medical centers together with Cedars-Sinai and Stanford Children’s Hospital, in order to provide immersive and educational content from the best surgeons and physicians in the world.

What’s the impact?

Surgical education chiefly depends on OR access which helps in knowing and learning about innovative and most updated procedural methods from best experts. This way surgeons can provide the best patient care uninterruptedly. However, when it comes to access to operation rooms (ORs) with best in every speciality, it is decidedly limited, contains prolonged planning and arranging, and have a need of substantial need of money for travel expenditures.

The Giblib VR app is the first solution that can effortlessly match with a comprehensive OR environment with 360-degree VR content of both videoed and live stream surgeries, which helps the medical students and physicians in accessing the OR content at any time.

Giblib captures every video with studio-quality 4K resolution in order to make them both visually well-expressed and informative. The company uses defined camera angles from the surgeon’s viewpoint and a 360-degree spherical view, along with in-built digital overlays, making sure that practising physicians and surgeons get the most accurate OR experience. In addition, watching supporting medical staff in ORs, together with nurses and surgical assistants, can give a detailed insight into the best ways to conduct as a supporting staff during procedures and how to use the latest medical equipment.

What company has to say?

Brian Conyer, the CEO, and Co-founder of Giblib said that the newest surgical techniques and procedural top practices are moving forward faster than ever, and the surgeons’ up-to-date needs to access the educational content must be met. He also shared that Giblib’s objective is to cover the gap between medical specialists and the knowledge they require to improve their techniques in a way that is collectively accessible and preserves the genuineness of the learning experience.

As has been stated by Bryan Conyer, the company has so far received positive feedback from its viewers stating that the VR app has delivered the best experience next to seeing the actual physician in the OR. According to him, it is kind of a modern-day surgical theatre experience.

Surgeons who are still in training don’t get many opportunities to see a live procedure and the involvement of VR experiences provides an opportunity for both students and working surgeons to become more engaged with their education.

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