Healthcare startup mCURA collaborates with HP to improve healthcare services in India

mCURA collaborates with HP

mCURA collaborates with HP to improve healthcare services in India

mCURA Smart OPD, India’s first technology platform converts desk services into integrated mobility service by partnering with HP. It covers end-to-end patient experience and increases IT adoption.

mCURA is a health startup in India, committed to delivering superior innovations which will perfectly suit the evolving mHealth. They are working on delivering health care solution in the health sector, which will be done by expanding health information technology. mCURA is a team that is highly qualified to ensure that all health organizations have the relevant clinical data with them anytime, anywhere.

This system brings flexibility to the entire healthcare community because it has open frameworks that can work with all modules and external systems. The company recently collaborated with HP to enhance patient care.

HP is looking forward to installing Hi-tech devices inside the doctors OPDs where double screen side will be included. Patient to doctor engagement will be taken to a higher level. The patient will experience immersive computing and mobility. Patients will take control of their inpatient experience and resources.

They will educate patients on tools that will enhance their confidence and comprehension. mCURA is working together with OPDs to ensure that the infrastructure is modern. With the installation of high tech devices, the doctor will be able to go through e-prescription, which will be entered by the clinical staff.

HP will ensure that all waiting area has been equipped with automated kiosks, NFC enabled tablets and patient education displays.

This cloud computing services will be able to secure stored data and authenticate every access made into the system. Patients will no longer be required to spend so many hours in the hospital in queues. This system will work in bringing these services at one centre stage. The system wants to implement multiple vendor management, trained manpower, adoption and patient health continuity so as to achieve the digital health.

mCURA wants to increase adoption of Zero Capex and integrated modules that will bring transparency to the health sector and also bring improvement. HP will have trained manpower who will be able to deal with all these devices such as; IPads, wall display, heavy-duty printers and HP tablets.

Delhi hospital is privileged to be the only hospital that this system has been implemented.

This hospital deals with 35,000 patients transactions every month using the cloud computing system. This tap and pay method will minimize number of patients visiting the counter regularly and eliminate long queues.

In an interview, Vickram Bedi who is the senior director of personal systems in HP India said “ HP has been committed to improving experiences with innovative technology. Healthcare is an exceptional setting, and we are glad to partner with mCURA to deliver solutions that are fare, smarter, and secure for healthcare sector”

This technology addresses the literacy barrier with the use of health education and provides improved ways of delivering health services. The HP mixed reality headset will enhance patient healing experience and the environment will be made friendly for patients.

One of their aspirations is to ensure that they create a high performing health care system where the patient and the doctor will be joined together in a conducive environment by technology. mCURA and HP’s collaboration will help in patient’s data management that can reduce the long queues.

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