2 Israeli healthcare startups among 6 winners of Israel-India Bridge to Innovation program​

Israel-India Bridge to Innovation program​

2 Israeli healthcare startups among 6 winners of Israel-India Bridge to Innovation program​

The Israel-India Bridge to Innovation bridge offers great opportunities to early-stage healthcare startups to achieve prominence and to enter such a significant and developing global market.

Israeli health start-ups have emerged winners in the Israeli-India innovation program where they were showing their progress. Their main aim is to see the health sector move to a different level where they will introduce new models that will transform the health sector. They are looking forward to funding from different entrepreneurs who focused on ensuring the health sector moves to another level.

So far, startup health has mobilized rapidly growing army among leading innovators and investors to enable them to achieve their goals.

The 6 healthcare startups were lucky to make it to the finals of the innovation program and included; Amaiz, Biofeed, Zebra Medical Vision, Mobile OTD, AMS Technologies and Aquallence. Apart from two healthcare startups, other startups are working in agriculture and water management sectors.

Zebra Medical Vision uses AI technology to read medical scans in order to automatically detect anomalies. Mobile OTD leverages the power of biomedical optics and cellular technology to diagnose cervical cancer.

Any hiccups through Israeli innovation authority do not face the ministry of health that has joined hands to make sure the health programs. The innovative programs will bring medtech technologies closer to the Israeli people where they intend the annual budget will come close to $ 8.5 in the duration of 3 years. The process will give the startups the advantage of accessing the database of Israeli health maintenance organizations that are grouped into four. The startups will be able to test their products as the first people before it is released to the other people.

They are mainly targeting the rural areas that have a population of around 7.6 billion. The areas are hard to reach and the face inequality from the government thus the launching of this program. The quality of healthcare they receive is much lower than what urban people get and this is believed to be a game changer in the health sector. Innovation has a very big role when it comes to driving change in healthcare and that is the reason Israeli is stepping out to bring high-quality digital health to its citizen.

In an interview, Dr.Ami Appelbaum who is the chief scientist at the Israeli Ministry of Economy and industry and chairman of the Israeli innovative Authority said that’ “Innovation is a springboard of co-operation between Israeli innovators and Indian corporations.”

The collaboration between India, a massive economy with the largest growth rate in the world, and Israeli, the startup nation, to develop solutions to various challenges, is synergistic and unique.

There is a real mutual desire, backed by substantial investment, to pilot these cooperative ventures in India in order to solve pressing global challenges specifically in India and rest of the world.

The health start-ups will help attain better policies in the health sector as recommended by the world health organization that has been advocating for change in internal sectors with technology. The innovative tools to be used will include portable devices meant for blood check tests, data analytics on the spot, diagnosis and handheld hospital devices that will help under-equipped technicians and medical workers. This is one of the best decisions, Israeli has made recently on behalf of their citizens.

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