Amazon launches Choice product to develop wearable device for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases

wearable device for diabetes

Amazon launches Choice product to develop a wearable device for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases

Amazon and Arcadia Group together launch a new brand Choice that will focus on the wearable, connected medical devices to control diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Amazon has recently shown its interest in the line of healthcare products by collaborating with a health brand consultancy, Arcadia Group (do not confuse it with the UK fashion company, Arcadia). They together have now introduced a brand, Choice, that will majorly focus on medical devices that help patients related to diabetes, blood pressure problems, and other similar health issues. The latest introduction of blood pressure cuffs and glucose monitors make Amazon’s vision clear regarding the healthcare line.

Nearly 30 million people in the US have been diagnosed with diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Thus, it makes the perfect sense for Amazon to dig into this matter first. The Arcadia Group has been designing the devices for the Amazon to sell. The CEO of Arcadia Group, Bob Guest, had stated that the Arcadia Group will retain the Choice brand, but sell the products exclusively only on Amazon.

The Arcadia group holds the right of design and production, and a spokesperson has recently revealed that they are trying to incorporate with the Echo Speakers. This will allow the users to manage the device with the help of Alexa.

This device helps the users by calculating the blood sugar levels and the blood pressure level. This data can be seen on the digital screen of the device as well as the app they have launched alongside, which helps in keeping total control and having appropriate data and stats about the health. According to a statement, they are also planning to come up with standard models as well as Bluetooth devices.

The Choice brand is about easy accessibility. You can now buy all medical devices and drug supplies right from the comfort of your home without driving to a medical store. It is about freedom of choice.

Amazon has also been introducing many private brands lately; now the total has come up to 120 brands that sell exclusively only on Amazon. It has also made some changes to give more exposure to its private brands. You can also find a column in search results now ‘Top Rated from Our Brands.’ This shows Amazon’s interest in private brands, and it won’t be a surprise seeing Amazon launch more of healthcare products in the coming years under its own brand.

Amazon has been at the forefront of healthcare innovation and recently acquired a virtual pharmacy setup, PillPack, which might help it to also introduce a line of prescription medicines into its vast store.

In addition, the most trending news last year regarding Amazon and its interest in the field of healthcare was a deal between Amazon with JPMorgan and Berkshire Hathaway.

This three major cooperation came together with a purpose to build a nonprofit healthcare company, especially focused on technologies and digital media for increasing user interface and satisfaction.

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