Experts call for digital transformation at 2nd healthcare innovation summit in Hyderabad

healthcare innovation summit

2nd healthcare innovation summit

The 2nd Healthcare Innovation Summit 2019 was organized in Hyderabad where leaders from various fields discussed digital transformation in the Indian healthcare industry.

Arranged and managed by Elets Technomedia together with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, as supporting partner, the Summit saw a congregation of top healthcare names including leading policymakers, industry performers, and hospital decision-makers who discussed a number of noticeable issues and challenges that are influencing the healthcare sector.

While delivering a speech at 2nd Healthcare Innovation Summit, Dr Anuradha Medoju, who is the Senior Regional Director, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, said that they are working towards providing quality medical education and enhancing the skills of Asha workers all through the states of Andhra and Telangana.

The policy and decision makers and healthcare achievers who attended the event comprised Dr Neena Gupta, Director General-Family Welfare, Department of Medical Health and Family Welfare, Government of Uttar Pradesh, Dr A Ashok, Commissioner of Intermediate Education, Government of Telangana, Arpita Khare, Director, Centre For Good Governance, Government of Telangana, J V N Subramanyam, Mission Director, National Health Mission Department of Health Medical & Family Welfare, Government of Assam: and Dr Sridhar Prahlad Ryavanki, State Health Officer, UNICEF, Assam.

A Ashok, Commissioner of Intermediate Education, Government of Telangana, said that the Healthcare Innovation Summit has been a very efficacious summit and it’s good to meet and communicate with reputed intellects from both private and public sector and a lot of cooperation had been built by central as well as state governments with so many forthcoming projects that are being introduced for helping the citizens. According to him, the summit is a very worthy platform to bring the whole medical community under one roof.

Emphasizing on several initiatives of the Telangana Government, Dr. Ashok also said that the Chief Minister is visionary and he is working towards ‘Health for All’ mission. According to him, KCR kits, Kanti Velugu are some of the revolutionary initiatives.

Anuradha Medoju, who is the Senior Regional Director at Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, said that the summit is a great initiative to bring all the leaders together and converse about their inventions and new concepts implemented in their states, and what ideas Andhra and Telangana can take from them and execute in their own cities, giving medical facility to the people of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Neena Gupta, who is the Director-General (Family Welfare), Government of Uttar Pradesh, said that as they are the medical community, they have to update themselves with new-fangled technologies that are coming into healthcare. With the summits and conferences like Healthcare Indian Innovations, they learn about new ways to serve their citizens. At times, they take ideas from other cities and vice versa.

At the summit, healthcare experts reflected upon various forms of healthcare delivery organization i.e. how diverse deliverables of the healthcare system could be handled to improve patient care.

They also talked about the best practices in the healthcare sphere and how modern technologies can advance and facilitate patient care. The main focus of the summit was ‘Taking healthcare delivery to next level–best practices, innovation & excellence’.

Subjects of panel discussion were ‘Role of public-private partnership (PPP) for developing sustainable healthcare ecosystem’, ‘Taking healthcare delivery to next level, challenges and opportunities’, ‘Emerging trends and technologies in healthcare ecosystem’, and ‘Ensuring patient safety, satisfaction and affordability’.

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