Ten digital health events in Europe you may be interested in

digital health events


Many firms have partnered with the health stakeholders to organize various digital health events through which much related to the field is shared.

Putting some little weight to start-ups related to digital health will see improved health care services in generations.

1. Healthtech Invest Europe 2017

This event took place from 15th to 16th March  2017 in Helsinki, Finland. The central theme of this event was discussions on the improvement of digital health, wearable, and well-being technology.

The event attracted hundreds of leading investors from Europe and the best Health Tech entrepreneurs of the European nations. The event was organized and held with a collaboration with FIN PRO.

The event also targeted at boosting the health care tech startups which were rented by the represented companies. The event received media press coverage.

To learn more about the event, visit:


2. FT Digital Health Summit Europe 2016

This summit was held in London, the United Kingdom on 16 June 2016. The central theme of the summit was ‘Innovation through collaboration. ‘Bringing disruption to the patient.’

The summit brought together some top European personalities. The attendees were privileged with getting insights into the most challenging health care practice; putting the patient first. The IT experts and health care players were the main targeted group.

Health care cyber security threats and interoperability in the IT infrastructures in place were also among the topics discussed at the event. The event attracted an audience of C-suite executives from the large health care sector.

Recorded videos emerged, showing that there was high press coverage.

To learn more about the event, visit:


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3. Digital Health Europe

Startup boot camp Digital Health Berlin partnered with Roland Berger organized the summit in Berlin, Germany.

The summit was dubbed “innovation cultures.” The summit provided rare opportunities for nimble startups to establish themselves and to market their shares to a wider audience.

The best ways to link the health care corporates with start-ups and on how to find viable ways to integrate the culture of innovation. The event was slowly covered by the press.

Know more about the event here.


4. Mobile World Congress

The Congress adds 4YFN which means(4 years from now) the main theme of the congress is to have all the new technology on the display where the next innovative ideas and the best place to have them posted in 4 years time.

This startup focused event has nurtured a record 650 startup innovations in the mobile and digital environment since inception.

The event focused start-ups, incubators, accelerators and international firms in the health care field.

The Congress continued for three days where it featured speaker influential in their speeches. The event took place from the 27th February to 1stMrch 2017 at Fira Barcelona, Spain.

Learn more by clicking the link below.


5. ConhIT

This event was happening from 25th to 27th April in Berlin. The event attracted hundreds of professionals for a discussion on the latest digital marketing trends. There was a live recording of the whole event, and those who never made it to the venue had an equal chance of following the proceedings on video.

The event was organized by the German Association of HelthcareIT vendors.

The minister of health Hermann Grohe presided over the festive opening ceremony of the event on 25th April.

Need to know more about the event, get it here:


6. Wired Health 2017

This event was held on 9th March 2017 at 30 Euston Square, London.  The event organ sheath careers, pharmaceuticals, and technological influences.

This event was the 5th edition of the annual event. The use of technical approaches in the fight against common health care challenges was the main topic of discussion.

To learn more about the event, visit:


7. Health 2.0 Europe

This is a health care event held season, in 2017, it took place from the 3rd  to 5th April 2017  in Barcelona, Spain.

The saw the attendance by many individuals representing various tech firms around the central globe theme revolved around the possible ways of solving the critical issues facing the health sector.

The event was an invite-only indoor meeting. Hence, it received minimal press coverage. It never gave a chance for developers to showcase their apps.

Learn more about the summit here:


8. Data For Health

This two-day summit was held in Antwerp, Belgium from 17th to 18th May 2016. The main theme was on the ways harness information in a profitable way to improve health care. There were no contests within the summit nor launching of any health care apps.

There was moderate media coverage To learn more visit.


9. CeBIT

This event was held from 20th -24th March 2017 in Hannover, Germany. The central theme was moving tech from theory based to commercialization practical based. The event brought together medical professionals in big data, entrepreneurs, and other business leaders.

To learn more about this event, visit:


10. Digital Health Days

 This event was held from the 21st -22nd  September  2016  ways of offering improved care in medical technology. This unique two-day event targeted startups in health care giving technology and the featured related sectors.  The high press coverage made the whole event available by video to all who missed.


Technology is the modern problem solver; we should, therefore, offer sufficiently to support the technological advancements in digital health to be part of the team trying to make the world a better place for all.

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