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Digital health has become so necessary in the human attempt to solve the health problems facing us. The diseases, on the other hand, are advancing each day and finding their way into people’s lives, due to these people need primary and reliable health care ranging from diagnosis to health monitoring. Digital health initiatives are the best solutions at the moment, but they are also the only option left.

Many firms have collaborated by the mobile health stakeholders to hold various events through which much related to the field are shared. These are some of the top events:

1. Digital Health Summer Summit

This summer summit was held from 6th to 7th January 2017 at Venetian, Las Vegas. This Trade Fair is organized and held in January every year by CES with sponsorship from the Living in Digital Times conference organizers.

The central theme of this event was to exhibit the digital technology spanning the whole health care spectrum. It is during this trade fair that the first ever diabetes App was launched by the HealthiMation’s all-star- team. The latest information on virtual surgery and Therapeutic VR based on evidence were in discussion on how they may be incorporated into the hospital setting.

To learn more about the event, visit:


2. The Power Press Party

This event was held on Sunday, 19th February 2017 at the House of Blues-Orlando. It is a gala dinner event organized to showcase the latest innovations in the health care IT industry. This event is hosted by INFOstable services.

There was ample press coverage as the organizers invited the acclaimed reporters, trade publishers, and editors, and social media ambassadors. At this party, there is a high media coverage for companies and stakeholders leading the health care sector.

More than 350 journalist visitors from health care consumer publications worldwide attended the event. The high press coverage is meant to propagate the IT information to the public. The party also offered robust networking opportunities to the invitees.

To learn more about the event, visit:


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3. Wearable Tech + Digital Health + NeuroTech Silicon Valley

This event was made a success through the co-sponsorship of the Stanford University and the Stanford Wearable Electronics initiative. It was held from 7th to 8th of February 2017.

The central theme of this event was for the digital use of AI in a diagnosis and predictive health, adaptive medicine and other ways of using the virtual technology to evolve health care services.

This event was held for innovators, health care service providers, payers, and also investors in the industry. There was moderate press coverage as it was an indoor exhibition event and was open to applications.

Know more about the event here.


4. GE Health Cloud Innovation Challenge

This event held on 28th February 2017 was organized by the GE Ventures at the GE headquarters in San Ramon, California.

This forum took place for software and app developing companies. It gave a perfect opportunity to launch newly developed health care apps, and developers stood a chance to become GE Health cloud’s first partners and have a life opportunity for the business venture.

The forum was open to all the US citizens aged above 18 years at the time it was being held. The central theme of the conference was to showcase and submit cloud-based health care software apps.

Learn more by clicking the link below.


5. ePharma –the art and science of innovative digital strategy

This event was happening from 6th– 8th March 2017 in New York City at the Intrepid and the Times Center respectively.

The event attracted the convergence of hundreds of pharma professionals for a discussion on the latest digital marketing trends. There was the live recording of the whole event, and those who never made it to the venue had an equal chance of following the proceedings on video.

The event received more than 700 attendees representing the majority of the major stakeholders in the pharma environment.

The event also offered an interactive and networking opportunity as the participants met with senior corporate persons.

Need to know more about the event, get it here:


6. Find a pilot partner matchmaking event

This summit was held on 6th April 2017 in the New York Genome Center. It was organized by the Digital Health Marketplace which was being sponsored by the New York Economic Development Corporation. The event was open to all the NY traders of health care technology.

The central theme of the event was on the ways to employ to ensure grown jobs within the boroughs and advance the digital health function in NYC. The event had moderate press coverage, and there were no contests.

To learn more about the event, visit:


7. Health Evolution Summit

This is a health care summit held annually, in 2017, it took place on the 6th to 7th April 2017 at the Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel.

The summit attracted more than 600 heads of the most successful corporate leaders in the health ecosystem. The central theme revolved around the possible ways of solving the critical issues facing the health sector.

The event was an invite-only indoor meeting hence it received minimal press coverage. It never gave a chance for developers to showcase their apps.

Learn more about the summit here:


8. FounderMade Wellness Summit

This one-day consumer discovery summit was held in early 2017 on 3rd February. The central theme was the ways to build your business or innovation among the best. There was networking amongst more than 500 business owners.

The event was organized by FounderMade at the Spring Studios, 6ST Johns LN, NYC. The event best fitted bright and new minds into the health and wellness field. There was little media coverage To learn more visit.


9. NYC Digital Health Forum

The central theme of this 18th May 2016 forum was moving technologies from concept to commercialization. The event was held at the NY Genome Center. The event brought together innovators, medical professionals, entrepreneurs and other business leaders. NYCEDC organized the event.

To learn more about this event, visit:


10. Innovation @50+

The central theme of this event held on 16th April 2016 was the ways of giving the best care in health technology and financial technology. This unique two-day event targeted startups in health care offering technology and the featured related sectors.  The high press coverage made the whole event available by video to all who missed.

Learn more about the event here:



The evolution of digital health has brought high hopes to all the concerned stakeholders including the patients. Hence it is high time we take the idea and support as our own for our wellness. Organizations should be encouraged to fund innovations to ensure the achievement of the health objectives.

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