Digital health trade shows & conferences in India and their role

Digital health trade shows & conferences in India

India is considered as one of the fastest developing healthcare markets worldwide, and it is evident that various stakeholders are trying to grasp this opportunity. With the increase in demands of people and support from various government initiatives scope is immense. India is a land full of opportunities for healthcare firms to explore and extend their business scope in the ever booming Indian healthcare market. Rise in population, and the rapidly increasing rates of income per capita have led to an increase in demand. Digital health trade shows & conferences in India tap this increasing demand and bring healthcare players together.

Key medical trade shows

Healthcare industry and associated stakeholders coordinate medical trade shows every year which opens an enormous door for entrepreneurs. Such events are the best way to expand your business and reach out to potential consumers and dealers.

  1. Medica:
    Medica is one of the largest events in the healthcare sector in the world. It has established its position since last forty years amongst every expert’s timetable. Event for medical industry organized by Medica for attracted more than 5,100 exhibitors from seventy countries in seventeen halls in the year 2016. The event is well-organized as the room layout planned according to the needs of the medical trade fair. Halls 9-14 are dedicated only to medical technology and electromedicine, and you can also find proper surgical equipment, medical furniture and specialist suppliers for hospitals and practices. Target visitor group includes General practitioners, Hospital managers and doctors, Hospital technical directors, Medical industry assistance and Laboratory managers. More than 96% of attendants expressed satisfaction with the business they accomplished and the connections made in the process. Medica Future for Health “FTR4H” examines how Digital Transformation affects the healthcare industry. It acts as a workshop and interpreter to unite all global Digital Health Ecosystems in markets like Europe, India, China, Israel and the US with MEDICA.

    Next events:

    1. Date: 6-7 September 2017-FTR4H at Medical World Americas, Houston
    2. Date: 13-16 November 2017-FTR4H at Medica, Dusseldorf
  2. India Med Expo:
    India Med Expo is India’s largest trade event for Hospitals, Clinics and Health Centers. It is the biggest showcase for Hospital Framework Equipment, Machine, Furniture, Recovery & Cure, Disposable and Diagnostic Equipment. The event offers best opportunities to cover the enormous Indian healthcare market and increasing investments in the public and private health sector. The fair was attended by more than more than 400 exhibitors from India and abroad. More than 500 delegates also joined over conferences. Target visitor group includes Hospital CEOs, Directors, Doctors, Hospital administration managers and staff, Biologists, Microbiologists, Medical equipment manufacturers and Dealers/distributors of Medical Industry. They do not have specific events for digital health however with government initiatives like Digital India in coming days there will be more events and conferences.

    Next events:

    1-3 July 2018-Mumbai

  3. Medicall:
    Medicall is India’s premier medical equipment and hospital needs trade show. The event is organized by people who work in the field of healthcare equipment for many years you get to connect with top-notch experts. It attracts medical hardware and hospital needs as the foreign companies exhibit and demonstrates their products. The trade show was started with the goal of encouraging entrepreneurship amongst the medical circle. Innovation awards by Medicall are the most famous innovation awards in the healthcare sector. Visitor groups typically include eminent physicians, surgeons, Hospitals owners, Medical Directors, Healthcare Professionals and paramedical staff, and dealers/distributors of medical equipment. Medicall does not have trade shows for digital health specifically however attendant exhibitors aim to include digital health technology in their products and services.

    Next events:

    1. 28-30th July 2017-Chennai Trade Center, Nandambakkam, Chennai
    2. 6-8th October 2017-Mumbai
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Digital health conferences, Startup events

The digital health sector is witnessing rise globally as well as in India. Healthcare providers are preparing dramatic increase in their investments in this area over the coming years. Real-time data and affordable health care are essential to enhance the quality of life for India’s booming population, especially the rural area.

Conferences and events are the perfect place for you to network with policymakers, potential customers and if you wish to exhibit your business’s potential at top-class platforms of the country.

  1. BioAsia 2017:
    BioAsia2017 Digital Health and Healthcare IT conference will unite leaders from the healthcare and technology sector to examine and exchange ideas and plans for India’s digital future. This discussion focuses on how digital technology is paving the way into different sectors like healthcare and banking. The conference is attended by Digital health startups, Medical practitioners, Hospital professionals, Medical device companies, and Entrepreneurs.
  2. Digital Health Conference:
    Digital health summit allows you to connect with developers of future IT infrastructure and raised an awareness of the type of network systems needed to connect with medical devices directly. The summit is a great platform to think from the perspective of healthcare delivery, clinical care and patient engagement with new technologies, research, investment exercises, policy and shifts in the business environment. The program allows companies to invest if it is controlled by technology solution providers, vendor, CEO’s, Public Health Department and IT decision makers of leading hospitals spanning across the entire healthcare industry. Visiting groups include healthcare technology officials, policymakers, healthcare service providers, researchers, digital health startups, public health authorities, entrepreneurs, investors and so on.
  3. Revolutionizing Healthcare with IT 2017 Conference (RHIT-2017): Revolutionizing Healthcare with IT allows you to connect with experts from fields of Healthcare and Information Technology and understand how digital technologies can fulfill needs of rising population. The conference would be attended by 50 health care experts who will share their insights and best practices from the Industry. It is India’s only International Conference on the impact of Information Technology in Healthcare. It brings together speakers from different countries addressing over 750 delegates about the latest happenings in the field of Healthcare IT in the various countries. Leaders of diverse backgrounds share their inputs Telehealth, eHealth, mHealth, and IT implementation in Government firms and hospitals. The conference is taking place from 1st to 2nd December 2017 at The Leela Hotel in Mumbai.
  4. STARup 2017:
    STARup is gathering of more than 2,000 entrepreneurs, investors, corporate representatives and government officials and influencers from the Indian, Israeli, Asian and European startup ecosystem. It’s a networking experience, where people with entrepreneurship background meet through effective curation. It is a platform where experienced entrepreneurs gather, share ideas with investors over drinks, attends sessions where teams share their thoughts, best and worst mistakes, and be part of workshops where they solve problems with stalwarts of their industry.
  5. Healthcare IT Experts Forum:
    Healthcare IT Experts Forum brings you with latest information and news in Digital health, Healthcare technology, and Medical informatics. They focus on innovations in health care that are socially relevant, economically viable and ecologically feasible. It is a group of Health IT Experts devoted to sharing, enlightening and consulting Healthcare providers and technology companies on various aspects of Information Technology. Forum represents a clear view of the potential of Digital health and its power to transform how citizens interact with the health system.

Potential for organizing digital health trade shows & conferences in India

Medical companies are increasingly exploring the role of digital technology in attaining the needs of people through big data analytics, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. More discussion and networking from all stakeholders helps in sharing unique ideas through a platform. Hosting a conference, trade shows, and events enable an ideal platform for different experts to come together under one roof.

Digital health trade shows & seminars help physicians in analytical diagnostics. We can achieve solutions for the biggest challenges and realize the potential of digital health sector through them. They enable a platform to explore the digital health vision through Keynote Presentations, Dialogue, and Roundtables, Interactive sessions, networking and more.

Such conferences, events, and shows also have significant potential to improve the patient experience and health outcomes.  The need to do this is paramount and should be guided by the citizen feedbacks. We need to be involved in designing, implementing, and evaluating this change.  It is essential to have more doctors participating in such conferences and share information.

Challenges faced by digital health trade shows & conferences in India

Digital health products and solutions have the power to improve citizens experience about healthcare systems and how they interact with policymakers. However, digital health development and capitalization has a long way to go. Some digital health conferences and trade shows need to increase, and it should include more dialogue on current problems and respective solutions. Development and deployment of healthcare products are still in entry stages.

The primary challenge is to make sure top doctors and physicians attend such conferences. There is not enough engagement of physicians and patients in the early stages of product development. Patients not even considered as a part of the same ecosystem. Organizers of digital health conferences need to involve government officials to learn about the initiatives or programs undertaken by them.

Different stakeholders might not prefer joining the meetings in non-metro locations practically. The digital health organizers need to overcome these barriers to make these conferences and trade shows productive.

Prognosis for digital health trade shows & conferences in India

Digital health fairs and conferences have the ability to bring together all players/experts involved in this ecosystem. Government and private organizations should host conferences, events, and forums to achieve this.

It is an excellent platform to connect, discuss, share and understand latest ideas, problems, solutions, and innovations from digital healthcare groups. Scope for such conferences is enormous as world’s pharma leaders come together for a short period and it might produce great networking to uncover new opportunities and active partnerships. Core topics should include latest technologies (Artificial intelligence, Cloud computing) and segments like mHealth, eHealth, and Telemedicine, etc.

The quality of healthcare and affordable solutions is still core subject where we can achieve better results, and government officials should focus on the implementation of various programs. Hence it is ideal to organize more digital health conferences and events in future.

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