20 000 Euro Eugen Münch Prize for innovative health care

Eugen Münch Prize for innovative health care

20,000 Euros Eugen Münch prize for innovative health care

Münch Foundation, established by Eugen Münch, a well-known German entrepreneur, and hospital manager, is ready to present 20,000 Euros as Eugen Prize for 2018.

In the year 2018, the Münch Foundation is once again going to award the Eugen Münch Prize for innovative healthcare. The Munch Foundation has been presenting this award since 2015. Through this award, the foundation honours the projects and scientific works that will absolutely take the health care to the new levels in future.

The Münch Foundation was established by Eugen Münch in the year 2014.

The foundation’s main goal is to provide everyone with the uninterrupted access to non-rationed medicine, in spite of the fact that a large part of society is ageing.

The foundation is a big supporter of science, research, and practical works that are done in the health industry.

According to what, CEO of the foundation, Stephan Holzinger shared, there are a number of inspiring ideas and ingenious minds out there to advance local health care services. Though, it is often difficult to overcome the outdated rules and regulations and particular interests.

Last year in 2017, Alexander Wolff von Gudenberg for “Speechagain – the Digital Stutter Therapy” and, Dmitrij Achelrod for “Health Economic Evaluation of Telemonitoring for COPD in Germany” were presented with this award. And in 2016, the creators of the migraine app M-Sense, the Swiss telemedicine provider Medgate, and the Memore-Box by Retrobrain had received this award for the practical applications of their digital healthcare solutions.

Every year, Münch Foundation present the Eugen Munch award in the two categories. The first category is “Health Services Research”, and the second category is “Practical Applications”.

They look for the courageous ideas that can improve health care system with more efficiency. They mainly look for the innovative usage of new technologies and the complete utilization of the potentials that are provided by robotics and digitization.

The health services research category identifies the scientific studies in the healthcare sector that look to safeguard the access to health care and improve the ratio of cost-benefit for service delivery. The prize money in this category is 20,000 euros.

In practical applications category, they look for pioneering practical applications of latest technologies and developments that have been designed to secure access to health care and enhance the cost-effectiveness of service delivery.

The applications can be at the stage of planning, implementation, or well recognized in the market. The prize money is 20,000 euros.

What’s more, interesting here is that with prize and money, the winners also get an opportunity to create new and important networks for their businesses.

All the members of the jury for this award are well-established in their field of work. It consists of Sebastian Balzter, (editor FAZ), Prof. Stefan Felder -Chairman of German Society for Health Economics (DGGO), Prof. Dr. Jochen Gensichen, (head of the department of General Medicine at LMU Munich Hospital), Prof. Achim Jockwig, (CEO at Nuremberg Hospital), Dr Tobias Johann, (Managing Partner at Rheingau Founders), Dr Peter Langkafel, (CEO at Healthcubator), Dr Mani Rafii, (member of the Board of Barmer), and Uwe Schwenk, (Director of Bertelsmann Foundation).

The final date for submission is July 1, 2018 for interested participants who want to apply for this award. The winners will be presented with the award on November 23 in Munich.

Image credit: www.stiftung-muench.org


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