EyeQue launches medical device to test vision at home

medical device to test vision at home

Medical device to test vision at home is now a reality

Are you tired of visiting hospitals to check your visibility? Try EyeQue Insight which helps in detecting issues related to your vision in less than 3 minutes.

Good vision is the most significant aspect of overall wellbeing. The vision system is not fully developed in young children and babies, thus equal input from both eyes is necessary for the brain’s vision centres so that it can develop normally. Researchers are working on new ways that can detect early problems in a vision of an individual. Startups are coming forward to develop a device that can detect vision issues. EyeQue has recently launched a medical device that can easily detect vision while sitting at home.

The researchers at EyeQue, have developed EyeQue Insight which is a professional-grade visual acuity screener that determines whether someone is seeing 20/20 or less within three minutes.

The device is designed in such a way that it can synchronize with the smartphone by allowing individuals to test their visual activity in minutes. Users can install an app on their smartphones s the app is has a version for kids which has an animated character, walking towards them through the screening process.

The device certainly creates a digital vision history that gives an overview of individuals. The slight change in this history could remind them of doctor’s visit. Moreover, it can also test your current glasses in order to determine if an updated prescription may be required.

In an interview with MobiHealthNews, John Serri- cofounder and Chief Technology Officer of EyeQue said, “Our goal is to try to make the test easy to use, fast, and effective and the results are stored online. He further said, “The results obtained from the device could be shared with an eye specialist. They can even share the results with friends and family. Online eyeglasses can be ordered if they have refraction test results.”

The test mainly focuses on children who usually do not get their eyes tested regularly in school resulting in an increased number of myopia along with the shortage of optometrists across the globe.

Serri continued his talk by saying that many people in the market are not covered by medical insurance and cannot afford to go to an eye doctor. In large areas of the world, there are no optometrists if the global perspective is considered by us. Vision problem is causing trouble to hundreds and millions of people. People are suffering from all sort of economic implications.

He said that this is the second device from EyeQue that can determine eyeglass prescriptions by testing refraction numbers such as spherical, cylindrical, and axis figures.

EyeQue insight instantly records and securely stores results, making data available to track and share with others. The device can be shared with other people, hence making it worth for large groups and families. A user can run the device in two modes- simple straightforward “adult” mode, and gamified “kids” mode for children. EyeQue’s products are FDA-registered as Class 1 devices and seeking for Class 2 clearance process.

The opternative-a competitor of EyeQue insight was recently warned by the FDA for its class 2-clearance process. As per Serri, “It’s analogous to blood pressure monitors or monitoring your heart rate.”

Other companies in the market are trying to solve the vision problem accurately. Vision Source is one such company that has free eye chart so that you can check your vision at home. The test can identify potential vision problems that demand professional attention.

On the other hand, Bernall is another company that has many low vision products such as acuity charts, low vision starter kit and electronic reading aid. EyeQue seems to outstand the market as the vision test detects the problem in 3 minutes.

Image credit: www.88international.biz


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