HealthIT, Digital Health tops the agenda at HIMSS 2018 | Concludes on a high note

himss 2018

HealthIT, Digital Health tops the agenda at HIMSS 2018

HIMSS 2018 marked the confluence of 40,000+ clinicians, IT professionals, vendors, and other healthcare stakeholders to talk about the state-of-the-art in the digital health sector.

HIMSS is one stop destination for health transformation with the help of health information displayed throughout its website. It is a not-for-profit organization with its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. They have additional offices in Europe, North America, United Kingdom and Asia. This Online platform enables the global leaders in eHealth to leverage latest tools and techniques in health, across the globe. HIMSS is designed in such a way that it will help in providing the predictive models, data assets and efficient health information including best practices in mHealth and technology.

The HIMSS Exhibition and Annual Conference combined 40,000+ clinicians, IT professionals, vendors and executives from across the globe. This industry-leading conference –HIMSS18 took place on Monday 5 March 2018 to Friday 9th March 2018. However, the opening keynote was on Monday. Below are the highlights of the event.

Patient Safety & Health IT

This event gave more significance to the Patient Safety Module as the health of patient has become crucial in this fast pacing world. Attendees came to know about different ways that they can implement using the eHealth technology. The event also focused on reducing costs thereby providing utmost quality to patient’s health.

Clinical Informatics & Clinician Engagement

In this event, more emphasis was given to new methodologies and technologies that could deliver patient care in an efficient way. This event was a game changer for healthcare professionals as they could increase their effectiveness in a biomedical niche along with transactional research.

Compliance, Risk Management & Program Integrity

Healthcare professionals could give more attention to mitigation and identification of risks related to a huge number of compliance problems. Increasing costs related to non-compliance across regulation and legislation could be managed by attending this event. The leaders told the cost-effective ways and solutions to interoperability along with new technologies and tools.

Connected Health & Telehealth

A plethora of care and wellness environments was told to attendees of this event. Healthcare professionals could also know workflow, adaption and telehealth’s technical process along with new technologies and different success stories. Attendees also came to know about connectivity between personal health technologies and EHRs.

The Culture of Care & Care Co-ordination

This event focused on best practices that the organization should follow while considering different case studies and new technologies. Implementing such tools and techniques would make the organization sustainable in the long run. The summit had speakers who were government officials, and key players in a healthcare profession.

Data Analytics/Clinical & Business Intelligence

This event was based on best practices in Healthcare using C& BI and Machine-learning tools. Industry experts in this niche were invited to share their success stories thereby telling ways to integrate AI into Healthcare. Technology is changing rapidly and there is utmost need of incorporating Machine-learning tools to predict the future of eHealth.

Emerging Payment Models for Value-based Care

This event focused on technical functionalities and business processes that are required to create the administrative framework. The event also included medical home models, bundled payment and different payment models such as ACOs. They have also shared case studies and success stories of few hospitals who are implementing cloud-based solutions into their clinic.

Various influencers and stakeholders are benefitted with the latest information available in the HealthIT sector. It provides a plethora of networking opportunities with the speakers who are highly qualified healthcare professionals and are experts in their specific health domain. HIMSS is transforming the lives of people by providing real-time info through such conferences, events, and webinars at a reasonable price.

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