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Med-Tech Summit

MedTech Summit is a leading platform for bringing a wide range of stakeholders for a discussion and debate about the Med-tech sector in India. They seek to interpret this area by enlightening and creating awareness about it among healthcare providers, decision makers, policy makers from the industry, as well as the public. It includes sessions on topics such as cardiovascular, ophthalmology, orthopedic implants, oncology, endoscopic surgery and bariatric surgery.

Med-tech summit addresses how the new technologies offer unmatched opportunities and challenges in solving unsatisfied health care needs. The interactive sessions will be delivered and moderated by key presenters which include government officials from key ministries, professionals from the Medical technology industry, doctors, and patients.

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Overview Med-tech Summit
Date 15th September, 2017
Location New Delhi, India
Visitors 200+
Exhibitors NA
Speakers 18
Organizer and host Organized by Medical Technology Association of India (MTaI)

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Who is the target audience

Healthcare Service Providers, Hospital Directors & Managers, Central & State Government Officials, Medical Technology & Allied Industry Professionals, Physicians, Technicians & Nurses, Patient Groups/ NGOs, Public & Private Research Institutions, Academic Institutions, Entrepreneurs & Think Tanks

What is the program

  • Cardiovascular – Patient’s experience
  • Ophthalmology – Patient’s experience
  • Orthopaedic Implants – Patient’s experience
  • Endoscopic Surgery – Patient’s experience
  • Oncology – Patient’s experience
  • Bariatric Surgery – Patient’s experience
  • Importance of Quality of Medical Devices
  • Trends & Challenges in the MedTech industry
  • Opportunities


  • MedTech – Demystifying the MedTech Sector


  • Critical Care – How MedTech transformed patient’s experience.
  • Advanced Minimal Access Surgery
  • Endoscopic Interventions
  • Providing Quality Healthcare through Medical Technology

Some speakers

  1. Mr. Vijayan Govindaraman, GM at Cook Medical
  2. Mr. Pavan Choudary, Chairman & MD at Vygon India
  3. Mr. Anand Apte, MD at B. Braun Medical (India) Private Ltd.
  4. Mr. Rohit Sathe, Senior Franchise Director at Johnson & Johnson Private Ltd.
  5. Mr. Badhri Iyengar, Director at MTaI & MD at Smith and Nephew Healthcare Private Ltd. (South Asia)

Special offers

  • Med-tech Summit provides exceptional network opportunities to network and discuss and advance cutting edge initiatives with top leaders from the industry.
  • Med-tech also offers learning opportunity for participants to get clear understanding about the MedTech sector.
  • It also has Gold, Silver, Bronze and Associate sponsorship packages for visitors

Start-up events



MTaI member for INR 4,000
Delegate Non-members for INR 5,000
Delegate MSMEs / Physicians / Hospitals & Staff for INR 3,000
Delegate Academic Institutions / NGOs / Associations for INR 3,000



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