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TEDMED conference brings together top leaders from a broad range of areas in healthcare & media to resolve significant problems in healthcare. It includes some of the most innovative, thoughtful innovators of healthcare technology, media to discuss recent developments, challenges, and opportunities in the sector.

TEDMED focuses on the productive debate between current and future situation which in turn inspires and drive us further into what’s possible by overcoming restricted boundaries. It is an excellent platform to hear opinions and share views with individuals who approach healthcare and medicine from a range of backgrounds. Conference speakers are top leaders and successful professionals from every section of medical society.

You can register for the TEDMED conference here

Overview TEDMED
Date 1st – 3rd November 2017
Location La Quinta Resort and Spa, Palm Springs, CA
Visitors 850
Exhibitors 25
Speakers 50
Organizer and host Organized by TEDMED LLC under License from TED Conference


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Who is the target audience

Medical Students, Doctors, Science, Business Leaders, Academic Institutes, Government and Law Officials, Media or Arts Professionals, Policy Makers, Entrepreneurs & Innovators, Patients, Researcher, Health Activist, Venture Capitalist, Dance Troupes

What is the program – TEDMED

  • New models of medical care
  • Cognitive science and Health Literacy
  • A wide-angle view of a limitless landscape
  • Imagining progress and possibilities for a healthier world
  • Removing barriers that limit access & harm health
  • Nurturing a future where good health has no limits
  • Pushing back limits with current knowledge
  • Escaping yesterday’s limits on better health
  • The limitless horizons of health and medicine
  • Environmental health & Health policy
  • Empowered physician
  • Brain Science
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Artificial intelligence and Big Data
  • Augmented & virtual reality
  • Personalized medicine
  • Sensors & Wearables
  • Telemedicine


  • Expose and confront invisible threats to health
  • What if visionaries ruled the world?
  • How to re-examine the way we frame health challenges?
  • What if the outer edges of human experience could provide solutions to everyday problems?
  • Creating a stronger culture of health by addressing its social and environmental factors
  • What if we found beauty while confronting difficult truths?
  • Using the data exchange and knowledge as architects of our aging

Some Speakers

  1. Keenan Wyrobek, Life-saving Drone Deployer
  2. Heidi Allen, Health Access Investigator
  3. John Amory, Andrologist
  4. Peter Bach, Drug Development, and Pricing Navigator
  5. Chera Kowalski, First Responder, Librarian

Special offers

Start-up events – TEDMED


Delegate Registration: $4,950


TEDMED conference offers the stage for innovators to have a 3-4 minute talk but there is no exhibition hall for product displays.

Image credit: TEDMED


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