Health Gorilla improves data interoperability in hospitals in Mexico

interoperability in hospitals

Health Gorilla improves data interoperability in hospitals in Mexico

Health Gorilla and Grupo Ángeles Servicios de Salud, a major health system in Mexico, has just declared a new partnership to enhance interoperability across its 24-hospital system.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Health Gorilla Inc., who is a leader in clinical interoperability solutions, together with Mexico’s Grupo Ángeles Servicios de Salud, a 24-hospital system in Mexico, recently announced a strategic association so as to facilitate clinical interoperability all through its network of hospitals and clinics. This has created the largest interoperable network in Mexico and will enhance the healthcare for millions of patients by making it easier for healthcare service providers to get access to all of their health data at the point of care.

As a part of this collaboration, Grupo Ángeles Servicios de Salud will be working on bringing together the data from various disparate IT systems all through the organization, together with labs, pharmacies, electronic medical record systems, and imaging systems. Healthcare providers will be able to view aggregated data at the point of care, i.e. at the time and place of patient care. It will also be sharing the medical data effortlessly and securely with other providers involved in the patient’s healthcare plan.

Furthermore, patients will have access to a mobile app that will give them complete access to their medical data from anywhere they are receiving care in the Grupo Ángeles system.

The co-founder and CEO of Health Gorilla, Steve Yaskin, said that the clinical network systems like the collaboration between Health Gorilla and Grupo Ángeles system is providing a competitive edge to health systems by endowing patients and healthcare providers with the complete scope of medical data, lessening the gaps in care, and increasing engagement of patients in their own care. He further added that his company is thrilled to bring Health Gorilla’s platform and point-of-care technology to Grupo Angeles to advance outcomes for millions of patients all through the country of Mexico.

Florentino Bernardo Pérez, chief information officer at Grupo Ángeles Servicios de Salud, said, “Clinical data interoperability is absolutely essential to building a world-class hospital system and offering patient-centered care,” He also emphasized that by instituting their own clinical network, Grupo Ángeles system will turn out to be the largest aggregator of personal health data in Mexico.

This announcement has come following the Health Gorilla’s expansion into Latin American region through a partnership with the Puerto Rico Primary Care Association Network, which is allowing the smooth exchange of data exchange across 20 federally qualified health centers in Puerto Rico.

About Health Gorilla

Established in the year 2014, Health Gorilla is a safe and secure interoperability solution that allows the complete health care network including patients, payers, healthcare service providers, digital health solutions, and laboratories, to flawlessly share health information and aggregate every patient’s complete clinical history in one place.

With enterprise-grade patient identity recognition and matching, an incomparable patient index, and top-notch security, the Health Gorilla network makes it very easy for the healthcare providers to get access to their patient’s data from any other medical records system.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Health Gorilla operates with health care establishments all over the world, assisting them in collecting the clinical data they would need to provide the greatest and most suitable care for their patients.

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