Apple announces Health Records API to allow developers to tap into EHR data

Apple announces Health Records API

Apple announces Health Records API

Apple announces Health Records API which will allow mHealth app developers to develop personalized applications that can have access to individual patients’ health-related data and exploit the true potential of electronic health records.

Recently, Apple has initiated a better health management using its own technology by launching the health records API. This enthralling database will contain health-related information about every person using Apple technology. Users need to personalize their health history in such a way so as to render the researchers with an individualistic approach.

This new development will permit the mHealth innovators to develop certain apps for the amelioration of user health.

With the patient’s permission, health records data will be used to diagnose, treat and manage the diseases. Apple has made the patient care, medications, care, dietetics and management easier with this well-sorted invention.

Health-related details are really private and crucial for the users, with access to health records. Apple has set an example in the health industry. Whenever these health details get paired with the services provided by HealthKit, individualistic and holistic approach to treat a patient is possible in efficient ways.

Apple’s chief operating officer, Jeff Williams said that this technology opens health records of patients to developers, using which the users can personalize the health needs for better disease treatment. Medisafe, the first app developed for tracking the medicines as well as adherence has been launched under this initiative for the improvement of medications.

With this app, import of prescription list, as well as constant updates of medications used, is possible along with reminders for proper consumption of medicines.

Also, issues in between the interactions of various drugs consumed can also be known along with proper solutions for the same. A storage or database of medications along with reminders of drug consumption and medicine tracking facilities is a dream for every patient. Apple’s initiative has led the health industry to flourish in every aspect, with multiple apps for every issue.

Another app developed for diabetes patients, the disease management as well as diagnosis, is a much-needed one for diabetes eradication. The app can use reports and test information to suggest the patients of better treatment along with recommendations regarding diet and regimen. Information regarding the cholesterol and blood pressure can lead the app to suggest meals, nutrition and diet which is eminent for that particular patient.

With such advancements, Apple has made health sector’s future bright, advanced and efficient. This technology allows physicians to manage the patient data in a systematic manner with ResearchKit study. This allows them to set a complete approach towards patient’s medical history and background.

Earlier the researchers had to conduct a proper survey to determine the medical history of patients.

With the release of this API, developers will get to see a complete picture of health background in a single go. Apple technology will soon be releasing updates on HealthKit, ResearchKit and CareKit as well.

The new innovation is similar in kind to the previous apple initiative which enabled the users to store their medical history, records or any related information in their iPhones. Electronic media record is a copy of patient’s medical history that can be used by physicians whenever required.

This service allowed apple to develop Fast Health Interoperability Resources which indeed helped patients get better treatment. General health history contained immunizations records, prescription drug supplies and refill, laboratory test results, allergies, medications and clinical vitals.

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