Cohealo launches SaaS solution for tracking medical equipment utilization

tracking medical equipment utilization

SaaS solution for tracking medical equipment utilization

The Cohealo tracker will enhance the efficiency of the medical equipment by continuously monitoring their utilization and providing insights on how equipments can deployed in an optimal manner.

Cohealo is a well-known technology company that helps the health system in utilizing medical equipments’ utilization, thereby enabling them to achieve financial and clinical value. It allows the medical facilities to share types of equipment across facilities where they improve access to health care.

They have improved supporting logistic capabilities due to their cloud-based platform where the health types of equipment can be managed at a central place and every department is able to access all facilities. They have recently launched Cohealo SaaS solution that will be tracking medical equipment utilisation as most of the hospital equipment sit idle for 58 percent of their lifetime.

The SaaS Solution will enable the hospital to track the system electronic usage and provide solutions on how the equipment can be utilized in a better way. The tracker will be deployed in a facility where it will be distributed to the hospital network. Cohealo track will reduce expenditures by a great margin, lower rental costs and improve efficiency in hospitals.

Cohealo is the award-winning company because of innovating the cohealo tracker.

They are able to recognize assets that can be shared across the facility and improve equipment access by surgeons and ensure all the equipment have been used to the maximum.

Equipment that is not used regularly can be sold to maximize the working space. The tracker will show the equipment that is being overused and the hospital can plan on buying another one to avoid downtime. The tracker will enhance RTLS which is the real-time location system where clinical staffs use a lot of time locating and scheduling equipment to use on a single dashboard.

In an interview, Michael Kerner who is the former CEO of Bon Secours said that “Existing solutions to measure and improve equipment utilization, such as RFID chips leasing services, fall short for addressing the needs of the s large health system. Without a solution like Cohealo Tracker that provides valuable and accurate data on equipment utilization, executives are operating in a vacuum when it comes to making significant purchasing decisions”.

Brett Reed who is the CEO and co-founder of Cohealo said that “We have seen tremendous interest in our platform from organizations seeking to proactively manage their investment into capital equipment. Implementing takes less than a week and doesn’t require replacing any existing infrastructure.

This solution works seamlessly with all the leading Electronic Health Record (EHR) platforms to capture equipment usage data, avoiding the need for time-consuming equipment tagging.

Medical facilities will now be able to save on expenditure and maximize the usage of unutilized equipment. The tracker will tell equipment that is being overused and enable the hospital to plan on buying another one, thus reducing lost money due to system delay or downtime.

The efficiency in hospitals will increase and the patients will be able to get quality services that they require. The number of clients attended to will also increase due to equipment utilization between the facility and the service line thus the working volume will increase.

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