Google plans to develop voice-assistant for doctors

voice-assistant for doctors

Google seeks talent for developing voice-assistant for doctors

Google aims to improve the doctor-patient experience by developing a voice-assistant for doctors which can automatically take notes and relieve doctors of the hassles of using EHR systems.

Google, in the recent years, like other big companies has expanded on a great scale in the digital health market. They have been developing AI solutions to detect heart disease through retina images while also coming up with deep learning algorithms to mine the EHR data.

In the latest news report, Google is planning to expand their team in generating the “next-gen clinical visit experience”. The AI-powered powered voice assistant will allow the doctor to listen in to a patient and get relevant information.

The doctors will undergo the first phase of studying then both parties will agree on when to renew the second phase collaboration which will last for one year. This will give them time to commercialize the tool.

The team has already started working with Stanford Medical to see how artificial intelligence and voice recognition can work together to generate EHRS.

Steve Lin, Stanford physician, leading the case study with Google, in an interview with CNBC said that their major challenge is accuracy, but if solved, it can potentially unshackle physicians form EHRS and bring providers back to the joy of medicine: actually interacting with patients.

On the other hand, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google said that “So tomorrow, if AI can shape health care, it has to work through the regulations of healthcare. In fact, I see that as one of the biggest areas is where the benefits will play out for the next 10-20 years”. T

he Researchers at Google said that “Our research shows that it’s possible to build an automated speech recognition model which can handle multiple speech conversations covering everything from weather to complex medical diagnosis”

This will cut down on administration tasks and doctor to patient interaction which has been in high demand. It will release the burden of the doctor where they always feel worn out by the end of the day and depressed to too many tasks that they are required to do.

More and more healthcare startups are planning to develop voice-assistant for doctors so as to improve the efficiency and productivity of the doctors.

Digital startup Suki last month announced that they have raised $20 Million to advance AI voice assistant meant for doctors. The assistant will be able to retrieve patient’s data and plan according to doctor’s visits.

This interest started earlier with Google on health application for voice technology where the medical researchers have said the speech recognition technology could be used for transcribing medical conversations.

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