Eyecare telemedicine startup, Simple Contacts raises funding of $16 Million

Eyecare telemedicine startup

Eyecare telemedicine startup, Simple Contacts raises a funding of $16 Million

Developing with a funding of $16 million, an eyecare telemedicine startup Simple Contacts rises to revolutionize eye care with digital health solutions.

Simple Contacts, an eye care telemedicine startup has successfully secured a funding of $16 million. The New York-based company aims towards using the earned funding for investing for the gaining momentum in marketing, along with services to customers, new office establishments, and to grow the business on new grounds.

The overall funding in Simple Contacts comes about to be $26 million after the new round. Their primary goal is to address the additional healthcare sections.

The tech-enabled prescription lenses are capable of screening patients to look for infection or any other medical conditions. The conventional lens can be a pain for routine renewal appointments which stand as a major inconvenience. Simple Contact’s eye exam is comparatively much cheaper as they cost just $20.

Users can take the test with the help of any connected device with a camera. The test results are then sent to a licensed doctor.

The prescriptions are then renewed by a licensed ophthalmologist, which saves the consumer’s time and money very efficiently. Whereas, the annual visit for traditional lenses can cost up to $250 along with the time required to actually visit the doctor which digs out a chunk of the consumer’s time of productivity.

The conventional use of contact lenses costs much more, while Simple Contacts’ users can renew their prescription and at a fraction of the price. And to save money from having to visit a doctor’s office, they can just ship the contacts to their address directly. This is an efficient alternative as compared to the traditional form of contact lenses which cost both time and money.

The company is currently functional in over 43 states, with a team of 45 employees working full time. The licensed ophthalmologists work towards creating a functional, reliable, safe, and convenient access to have a healthy eye care channel.

The venture is pursuing to grow and expand their reach with more number of employees, in order to expand the customer acquisitions. It’s also establishing a second office for customer service, along with utilizing the money to develop the telemedicine service’s reach in the state of Washington.

As per the CEO and Cofounder, Joel Wishkovsky, the company aims to grow, learn, and invest to create a path to efficient, safe, and affordable eye care for millions.

Simple Contacts was launched in April of 2016 and it has climbed the ladder to success since by providing a convenient and trusted choice of eye care for people.

The rounded-up number of Americans who wear contact lenses comes to be about 40 million.

The company makes a revolutionary and innovative turn toward digital health for eye care. They are aiming to be the new standard for eye care to handle the newfound demand and rise of informed and well-educated customers. It provides yet another milestone for the healthcare industry as it continues to progress. Recently, a Swiss Pharma company launched an app to track eye disease to take their progress to yet another level.

Image credit: www.simplecontacts.com


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