How is Amazon Echo helping people with vision impairment?

Amazon Echo helping people with vision impairment

Amazon Echo helping people with vision impairment

Amazon Echo is a brand name for smart speakers developed and manufactured by Amazon. It is connected to voice-controlled personal intelligent service, Alexa. This product uses voice commands to function based on these three key terms ‘Echo’ ‘Computer’ and ‘Amazon’. It can also serve as a control center that monitors all other smart devices in the house that are connected to it.

Individuals can use Amazon Echo to play music since the app is compatible with other music applications and platforms like iHeartRadio, Spotify, TuneIn and Amazon Prime Music, just to mention a few. Echo’s voice command feature, Alexa, provides users with traffic updates and alerts in real time. It helps users of the device to make decisive selections when it comes to travel plans in and out the city.

Amazon Echo serves as a healthcare assistant whereby the elderly can seek medical assistance from their caregivers through automated voice commands from the device.

Furthermore, it allows family members track the medical progress of their elderly patients despite the geographical barrier. The app allows all concerned parties to monitor the medical condition of the patient and offer an immediate response.

Amazon Echo is built based on artificial intelligence technology whereby it functions based on voice commands initiated by human speech. Alexa is Amazon Echo’s voice command feature that allows users to use keywords to prompt the device to function in a specific way.

It works through internet connection whereby the device gains access to the Alexa Voice Service, which is a cloud platform for Amazon Echo devices to retrieve common voice commands to activate the devices.

The graph below shows the number of users subscribed to the Amazon Echo Alexa service throughout the world and the expected growth rate in the years to come. The figures are in millions.

Image courtesy of Business Insider

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Amazon Echo guiding blind people

Amazon Echo allows visually impaired individuals to use electronic devices without the help of other people through the device. Amazon Echo acts as a central hub for all electronic devices connected to it, and the user issues voice commands for certain functionalities. For example, the user can listen to audiobooks, television programs and radio stations by accessing the Amazon Echo.

Visually impaired individuals do not need help from family members in using electronic devices at home or at the home because the Amazon Echo smart speaker allows them to control all these devices through voice commands.

For blind employees, the Amazon Echo helps them locate addresses and contact information of clients, listen to podcasts or webinars, as well as make conference calls through the voice assisted function. As long as the user is not deaf and dumb, this device can help make arrangements and plans on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. Furthermore, it offers blind people hands-free operation whereby they can simply access various electronic devices connected to Amazon Echo through their pre-set keywords when using voice commands.

For blind people with medical appointments, this device allows them to set alerts on various intervals either daily, weekly or hourly depending on the time of the medical appointment.

Since the application is installed on mobile devices, blind users can set appointments on the mobile calendar as well as indicate reminders to ensure that they never miss any future appointments. Users can constantly enquire from Alexa with voice commands to serve as reminders of impending meetings. Voice commands like, “Alexa Do I have any doctor’s appointment today?” will keep the user updated on any pending appointments.

The Amazon Echo device has eliminated the need for blind people to use dictation software and screen readers because of the voice-assisted technology that comes with this device.

Through the simple use of the keyword, “Alexa” blind users can access a wide range of information and data from the internet. The visually impaired can make easily make calls once all contacts are installed in the Alexa application on the mobile phone.

Users can easily issue voice commands such as “Alexa, Call Mike” a calling alert is sent to the recipient of the call to notify them they are being contacted.

Amazon Echo has improved the quality of life for most visually impaired individuals who live alone whereby they can secure their homes and properties through the use of ‘Alexa’ to activate security systems in the house or at the office to lock all entry points.

Amazon Echo is truly transforming lives of people

Amazon Echo has revolutionised the lives of visually impaired individuals throughout the world by empowering them to navigate life without the need for supervision and assistance from friends and families.

It has allowed them to plan their respective lives in a more dynamic way that they could not do before. This technology has changed the course of digital health in regards to visual impairment. Patients suffering from this disability can easily use the Amazon Echo at home or at the office serving as virtual assistants as long as they are connected to the WiFi connectivity.

The entry of this technological device in the medical field means that blind people can proceed with their normal lives without having to feel deficient in any way because they can perform their day-to-day duties effectively.

They can live a quality life like other individuals without disabilities and get to accomplish their objectives and goals. They no longer need to feel helpless because they have total control of the environment surrounding them, especially when dealing with electronic devices connected to Amazon Echo.

The voice-controlled assistants are used to execute functions on behalf of the user with exact precision. For example, if the user wants to listen to a specific song, the voice assistant feature scans through the device’s cloud storage for the song and plays the song if it is accessed. If it is not found, the device can issue alternatives and recommendations to the user.

Furthermore, voice command allows users to use a centralised device to access various electronics in the house without necessary activating multiple devices through buttons. Most importantly, these voice controlled systems pose as assistants whereby they give alerts, reminders and notifications in case anything new emerges.

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