US healthcare company leverages AI to screen colorectal cancer

AI to screen colorectal cancer

Freenome leverages AI to screen colorectal cancer

Clinical Study cultivated by Freenome to employ Artificial Intelligence to detect colorectal cancer. It will be a growing step in the realm of diagnostics.

Freenome, an AI-Genomics company based in San Francisco and CA has initiated a study named AI-EMERGE. This study will include over 20,000 samples collected from 3,000 patients aged from 50-84 belonging from the US and Canada with the risk of colorectal cancer (CRC).

This comes to be the company’s first screening initiation test and a commercial launch. The improving model is capable of learning on its own and hence, grow to develop and enhance further.

Gabe Otte, the CEO of the company said that the venture aims for the development of the AI infusion which will be a growing step in the realm of diagnostics. The AI-EMERGE comes under a series of clinical studies conducted by the company called AI-PATTERNS. This marks it as the first time where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used to screen for cancer on a large statistical base. Also, it is a significant step to be approved by the FDA.

The traditional diagnostic tests which are performed have a set of accuracy numbers with a certain amount. However, as their popularity grows in the market, the performance drops significantly due to the fact that every false positive side of the concept was not considered, as said by Gabe Otte, reported by MDDI.

The AI-EMERGE has been initiated with a partnership along with Health Decisions, which is known to be the contract research organization in terms of management of DeeP-C, this is the study conducted by Exact Sciences for the stool-based colorectal screening test for the pre-market approval by the FDA.

Exact Sciences received the FDA approval for Cologuard. The concept they developed is capable of detecting haemoglobin and biomarkers. The elements noted come through as big polyps travelling from the large intestine and then through the rectum. Otte also expressed that they will look forward to Exact Science’s model to improve and develop with the regulatory challenges along with processes to get reimbursement.

Freenome, in order to augment its broad signal approach, partnered with a proteomics company called Biognosys. This can essentially help for early detection of cancer with better precision.

The new Chief Commercial Officer of FreenomeMike Nolan will be the clinical diagnostic veteran for healthcare providers. He will be there to manage the first ever AI-Genomics blood test for the screening of colorectal cancer for patients.

Nolan brings in his more than 25 years of experience on a global level, he has been overseeing all the global commercial and strategic partnerships. He will also be leading the reimbursement strategy along with building a team that is capable of scaling and effectively engaging with primary care and specialists.

The study paves a way to be an accurate test for screening of the population, which is to be used in a responsible way to assess all the data, as said by the Chief Medical Officer, Professor Girish Putcha, MD. The clinical research study will also be addressing the various limitations involved in many other designs, which involves retrospective and prospective case-control studies.

Various other innovative tools have been developed to screen colorectal cancer. Check-cap, a startup based in Israel is developing an ingestible X-Ray capsule capable of screening colorectal cancer.

The C-Scan ensures preparation free screening, eliminating the downsides of the conventional method of colonoscopy. Digital health has made a new turn to revolutionize early detection of cancer. The advancement in technology has significantly helped every sector of oncology for precise detection and diagnosis of health issues.

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