NextGen Healthcare launches cloud-based Healthcare Information Exchange platform

Healthcare Information Exchange platform

Cloud-based healthcare information exchange platform

NextGen Healthcare, Inc. has announced the launch of Health Data Hub which is a cloud-based Health Information Exchange (HIE) platform so as to improve the patient data management and improve the patient care.

Recently, NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, LLC, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Quality Systems, Inc. and one of the prominent providers of healthcare information systems and connectivity solutions, announced the introduction of the Health Data Hub, a cloud-based Health Information Exchange (HIE) platform.

This revolutionary new technology has been intended to meet the requirements for interoperability and smooth sharing of information amongst different healthcare networks. Health Data Hub offers supports for all types of clinical data which are used by ambulatory and inpatient healthcare systems.

It also restructures and updates patient data aggregation, which makes it easier to receive and share the health-related information from any data management system.

The President and CEO of NextGen Healthcare, Rusty Frantz said that the launch of NextGen Health Data Hub is another illustration of the company’s commitment to allowing local and national health information exchange. According to him as healthcare establishments exchange, combine, and standardize the clinical data, they can actually convert community-wide patient information into insights to further improve the patient health care.

Being the hottest addition to NextGen’s Connected Health’s list of offerings, Health Data Hub has joined a collection of ground-breaking healthcare IT solutions aimed to improve data accumulation and provide users with the necessary patient information from across the variety of care programs. Health Data Hub has been established to deliver tailored solutions for the users to provide them with an opportunity to build, manage and augment their flow of work.

Health Data Hub has been built on 5 key features:

  • Clinical content management – Offer complete support for a variety of clinical data types being used by ambulatory and inpatient healthcare systems;
  • API – With an API-first design, it facilitates widespread data access and improved system integration points;
  • User portal – An easily accessible and user-friendly front-end for the display and effective management of patient information;
  • Consent & data protection – Helps to secure and manage patient data while sharing and providing access permissions; and
  • Cloud hosting – Supported by Amazon Web Services, deliver efficaciously managed, and uninterrupted solutions for the users.

Melissa Kotrys, CEO of Health Current said that they have chosen NextGen’s Health Data Hub as their future platform of the future and with its greater data connectivity features and flexibility, it will allow Health Current to expand its interoperability offerings throughout the Arizona healthcare system to improve health and wellbeing of people and communities.

With the launch of Health Data Hub, NextGen Healthcare is leading the interoperability data management solutions that help improve the patient healthcare services.

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