4medica to launch FHIR-based Clinical Data Repository for Health Information Exchange

clinical data repository for health information exchange

FHIR-based clinical data repository for Health Information Exchange

4medica will be hosting a new platform on Health information Exchange Technology stack to provide the interoperable solution to electronic medical information.

4medica is expected to release a new clinical data repository, also called as CDR. The venture is expected to be released in early summer of 2018. The venture comes as a new venture for its latest Health information Exchange Technology stack. FHIR and Interoperability will provide quick access to all the medical information at any time, anywhere. The services will become much quicker and accurate. No false information will be provided.

It has been designed specifically for brand new health information exchanges and other related organizations.

Critical patients’ health data which consists of health records will be accessible to multiple technological and geographical platforms. The platform is not just about data access, it also offers data storage services.

The matching accuracy of the set is unmatched. Original patient data will be matched with any possible duplicate records with high accuracy. This is a rather new initiative in HIEs which aims at becoming a trusted source of truth. HIE further stressed that the need patient-centered medical data is the need of the hour.

The president of 4medica, Mr. Gregory Church said that the data has to be properly matched with the right patient. If there is a mismatch, it represents a loss of time and resources which have been spent towards certain interoperability.

He further added that someone must take ownership of verifying and validating such data. He also said that 4Medica is a pioneer in the field of standardizing and organizing patient archives.

With more than 20 years in the field, he assured that the company is best equipped with the right technology to manage a database of such magnitude.

When we look towards history, HIE only used to move rather than store patient data. However, the updated version of the HIE concept involves creating an accessible platform where such patient data can be accessed. For this, 4medica will provide a platform which is secure and is very scalable for a complete view of patient-related data.

4medica’s rather powerful data machine is technologically equipped to match records accurately and in real time as well. It does incorporate historical values such as creating a secure patient record and ensuring proper data matching is established. This CDR can be further accessed by concerned parties and organizations such as providers, users and labs.

It boasts some of the best technological features. Some of them are:

  • FHIR-based engine
  • The Big Data MPI is very accurate and matches data in real time.
  • Technology is cloud-based
  • HIPAA-compliant
  • Portals are for both patients and providers as well.

Mr. Church concluded by saying that the move is very exciting for HIEs who wish to offer a universal view of customer patient-related data. He also added that the company is looking forward to providing a safe and secure infrastructure which is beneficial for the entire health community.

4Medica is a global leader when it comes to providing SaaS-based Big Data MPI and medical data related platforms.

This platform is provided to different types of healthcare organizations who wish to access authentic patient data and work towards providing the best medical treatment to the patients.

This platform also integrates various disparate systems to properly facilitate patient data and make it accessible to the concerned organizations. It is a cloud-based model which is scalable and not very expensive as well. It can connect a host of organizations such as Hospitals, HIEs, labs, etc.

Image credit: www.4medica.com


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