Taiwanese company comes up with unique medical imaging device for thyroid cancer

medical imaging device for thyroid cancer

A unique medical imaging device for thyroid cancer

AmCad BioMed Corporation product pipeline includes AmCAD-UT Detection, a software solution for thyroid nodules analysis. It will help in diagnosing and preventing thyroid cancer disease.

AmCad BioMed Corporation based in Taiwan has been developing computerized devices for detecting and diagonalizing different diseases. One of their latest device AMcad-ut detection software used to analyze thyroid nodules. It has introduced different medical devices that will increase diagnosis of acumen by medical professionals. This tool will help in screening and imaging where this will improve early detection of thyroid cancer which has advanced ultrasound technology.

These devices from Taiwan will help in the screening of thyroid cancer where the diagnosis from the doctor unveiled this new diagnostic imaging tool. The AmCAD-UT detection is hailed as the first ultrasound CAD for detecting cancer. Doctors have previously relied on traditional ultrasound imaging device which produces white and black images that help doctors in viewing thyroid nodules.

With this device doctors will now be able to view images in full colour improving accuracy manifold.

The device will use statistical patterns in recognizing and quantifying the methods in which it will use in analyzing and processing images. The physician can choose to use an image detection of sonographic characteristics which include echogenicity, texture, hyperechoic foci, margin, anechoic areas, tumour shape and size with the assistance of the device.

Teddy Lin, project manager from the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, said in a statement that the AmCAD-UT Detection Device enables computer-aided detection of “malignant nodule (cancer) even it’s smaller than 1 cm or in an early stage.” The system features an “exclusive contour outlining and automatic adjustment” that allows “physicians to rapidly outline the most adequate nodule contours on the ultrasound image.”

The device visualizes and quantifies ultrasound features including anechoic area, echogenicity, echogenic foci, texture, and margin also “taller than wide.”

It then provides “a quantitative dashboard with real-time values to show the risk possibility of malignant neoplasm as a reference for the physician to make a diagnosis and recommendation on continuous follow-up or FNA [fine needle aspiration].”

“The AmCAD will allow for the accurate visualization of the characteristics of the thyroid nodule,” Novello said. “This detection technique will aid, advance, and increase the quantification and visualization of the characteristics of the thyroid nodule, and by doing this, it will advance the detection of the nodule, which I think is excellent. It will make sure that you can diagnose on the first try whether something is malignant or not malignant. You will also diminish the utilization of the fine needle biopsy by 50%, and the thyroidectomy by at least 30%.”

“Our report provides more detailed information of thyroid nodule for physicians to make accurate suggestions for patients,” said Lin. “Our target is to assist to avoid 50% unnecessary FNA because of inadequate sampling and indeterminate diagnosis Follicular neoplasm and to avoid 30% of unnecessary thyroidectomy.”

The best thing about this device is that it is able to detect thyroid cancer nodules in patients because of its enhanced technology. Traditional methods would sometimes miss these nodules and they would continue to grow inside the patient.

The doctors are only required to put a fine biopsy needle to the thyroid region to draw some thyroid tissues for analysis.

This new technology will help in saving thyroid cancer patients whose mortality has gone high over the decades by detecting cancer before it spreads to other parts of the body.

Image credit: www.taiwan-healthcare.org


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