Top 5 motion trackers being used in healthcare industry

motion trackers being used in healthcare industry

Top 5 motion trackers being used in healthcare industry

Motion trackers being used in healthcare industry

1. Polhemus G4

Developed by Polhemus, the G4 motion tracker is a 6 Degree of freedom compact and a three sensor wireless motion tracker for complete freedom of movement. The device makes use of the AC electromagnetic technology for its successful operations. It works with both the general as well as the Micro sensors.

The motion tracker is accompanied with a G4 brochure for a complete guide on product specifications and features. The key features of the G4 motion tracker are wireless tracking, long-lasting battery life, auto tracking recognition and seamless scalability. With the help of wireless data transmitting system, position and orientation are scaled directly to the PC. Also, the battery lasts for around 10 hours and is easily rechargeable using the wall charger.

The different applications of the motion tracker are Biomechanics, Cave and Dome Environments, Human Factors Engineering, Power Wall Applications, Training and Stimulation, Sports Motion Analysis, Ergonomics Studies and Rehabilitation and Physics Therapy. The users can also add the PowerTRAK 360 for a 3D handheld remote for superior tracking and accuracy. The handheld device also tracks position and orientation making the G4 a better compatible device.

2. Reflexion Health

Developed by Reflexion Health, the application is a virtual physical therapy for giving optimum health results. It benefits the user with both the home and onsite physical therapy. The telehealth technology is the secret behind the operations of the engaging motion tracker. It can be used widely for the patients, clinics, doctors, experts and other key players in the healthcare industry.

The applications of the product are VERAHome and VERAClinic. The VERAHome is a virtual exercise rehabilitation assistant for supporting and coaching the patients for getting a quick recovery. It works as a healing power for the patients. The applications help the patients in many ways such as preparing the patient for the surgery, recording exercise performance, audio-visual feedback, etc. The unique feature of this application is that it enables the telehealth visits with the doctors or the experts.

VERAClinic is also a great application for the doctors and the clinical experts. The application works as a management system which informs guides and empowers the doctors to take care of all the patient data in an interesting way. The application features are automatic monitoring patient adherence, creating personalized exercise plans, report generation and administrating functional tests. The Reflexion Health is redefining the physical therapy with its advanced motion tracker applications, virtual reality, and features.

3. Xsens

Developed by Xsens Technologies B.V., Xsens motion capture products include the proprietary MVN Analyze software which is a full-body human measurement system based on inertial sensors, biomechanical models, and sensor fusion algorithms. The device delivers validated data (that from the Xsens motion capture device to the physiotherapist) in heavily magnetically distorted environments.

Xsens customized the hardware and software of the MVN systems to ensure real-time, reliable and accurate human motion analysis. It has tiny motion trackers that can capture the smallest twitches to high dynamic body movements thus guaranteeing full 3D motion analysis.

Direct care workers are injured at high rates, the majority of these injuries being back injuries that result during patient lifting or transfers. Captured by Xsens motion tracking sensors, workers are often engaging in unsafe practices. This jeopardizes the health and safety of both the workers and patients.

Xsens motion capture is feasible to mount sensors to detect improper lifting and patient transfer techniques automatically. This indicates that wearable motion tracking system could be a useful new tool in injury prevention. Xsens motion capture products’ typical application are wearable research, wearable textiles, wearable computing, eHealth, augmented reality, virtual reality, and serious gaming.

Xsens MVN Analyze features include; validated motion capture, easy synchronization with third-party systems, usable anywhere, easy setup and calibration, wearable and easy to get changed. MVN Analyze is the proprietary software package optimized for use in research, sports, science, ergonomics, and rehabilitation.

4. Shimmer3 GSR+ Unit

Developed by Shimmer, Shimmer3 GSR+ (Galvanic Skin Response) unit is free from wired constraints and provides a comfortable (regarding of having to visit the physiotherapist for exercise monitorship) and distress-free solution for athletes, children, the elderly and patients with a disability from injuries.

The Shimmer GSR+ sensor uses two reusable electrodes attached to two fingers of one hand to monitor skin conductivity between them which is caused by a stimulus. The sweat glands become more active, which increases moisture on the skin and allows the current to flow more readily.

This is by changing the balance of positive and negative ions in the secreted fluid thus increasing skin conductance. Shimmer3 GSR+ is suitable for measuring the electrical characteristics or conductance of one’s skin as well as capturing a PPG signal and converting to estimate heart rate (HR).

This is by use of the Shimmer ear clip or optical pulse probe. Its applications include; affective computing and cognitive factors research, stress detection and analysis, emotional engagement, psychological arousal, relaxation training and psychotherapy and marketing research. In healthcare, Shimmer GSR+ is used for digital health solutions such as stress detection and analysis.

5. ReFlex

Developed by ReFlex, ReFlex motion detection technology has been a useful product in healthcare in that it has developed a safe, efficient solution for home recovery to physiotherapy patients. ReFlex motion detection technology for physiotherapy uses two small wearable sensors attached to a set of elastic bands that can track, monitor and analyze hand, leg, back and shoulder movements.

ReFlex is a set of wearable motion detection sensors together with a mobile app and a web platform. The sensor tracks, monitors and analyzes every movement by a patient with hand, leg, back or shoulder injury. It identifies the exercises the patients do and counts them. ReFlex also detects and signals dangerous behaviour or the limitations set by the physiotherapists about motion, angles, speed, and trajectory.

ReFlex motion detection technology has upgraded business metrics and created new opportunities for physiotherapy clinics, and physiotherapists’ service has dramatically been improved through easy monitoring of the patients during the training and providing them with a visualization of the correct movement as well as show the patient their recovery progress thus motivating them.

ReFlex is a smart assistant for physiotherapy process and a product aiming to help the entire physiotherapy chain i.e. patients, physiotherapists, clinic owners and insurance companies.


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