ObvioHealth comes up with mobile app for clinical studies

mobile app for clinical studies

ClaimIt mobile app for clinical studies

Clinical professionals and doctors monitor each study as the participants use the app on their smartphones or tablets, recording study specific information, and allowing for real-time data collection.

ObvioHealth is a global medical company in Orlando, Florida that provides solutions in healthcare research and trials. The company recently launched the mobile application called as ClaimIt. The app is more beneficial to site-less clinical studies and one can easily use this app for their research work.

The app provides convenience in terms of lowering drop-out rates thereby enhancing compliance and accelerating data capture through online research.

This proves to be highly useful for reducing costs for study sponsors as the app creates many opportunities in leveraging data capture from connected devices for clinical evaluation. The researchers and healthcare experts can bring new therapies with the advancement of new technology in ClaimIT. With this app, the healthcare R& D department will be assured for doing innovative research with an aim of reducing the diseases in the human body.

The participants of ClaimIt app can get real-time data as the app can be installed on their smartphones and tablets. ObvioHealth’s clinical professionals and medical doctors monitor the performance of these participants by gathering their results. The answers obtained from participants will help the researchers in analyzing their health patterns thereby bring innovative eHealth solution to the healthcare niche.

Bryan Silverman who is the CEO of ObvioHealth said, “For decades, the clinical research industry has followed an archaic model, but now there’s a better option.” He further said,”Our mobile model challenges the industry to put patients first. ClaimIt allows study subjects to take part in important healthcare research from the comfort of their homes.” Study protocols can be designed with smart devices, such as a Bluetooth blood pressure monitor, and the data from such devices immediately integrates with the ClaimIt app – providing real-world evidence.

ObvioHealth has a proprietary application, ClaimIt, to conduct clinical trials online.

Researchers can do clinical research in a cost-effective manner. The application provides a data-rich platform for substantiating claims and demonstrating product safety and efficacy.

The data captured from connected devices will be used for clinical evaluation.

ClaimIt will be targeting pharmaceutical, nutritional, observational, and other studies to leverage eHealth solutions in near future. ObvioHealth is the first 100% online and mobile app interface to execute clinical-compliant trials.

It removes the costly overhead of physical site visits and brings the trial directly to the mobile device of each subject, the digital platform allows faster and cheaper delivery of trials than the traditional model.

Image credit: www.obviohealth.com


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