Philips launches app-based digital ecosystem for senior care

digital ecosystem for senior care

Philips launches app-based digital ecosystem for senior care

The new app, called Philips Cares, helps caretakers and family members to track and manage the health of a senior person using scheduling and reminder tools.

Philips launched a new app at the CES 2019, bringing all of its senior care products under a unified ecosystem. The new platform will link the products into a single app to make it easy, quick, and convenient for family members and caretakers to keep a check on a senior’s health.

The Philips Cares app comes with features like scheduling tools, reminders, emergency services, etc. The existing senior care products offered by Philips include GoSafe, which is a wearable pendant with support for two-way communication, fall detection and location tracking. Then there’s the Automated Medication Dispensing Service device and the HomeSafe medical alert system. Philips Cares integrates all these Lifeline products into a single interface.

Caretakers can check step counts, medication doses and timings, and other such records. Multiple caretakers and family members can view the statistics and can also add notes and reminders to coordinate the care.

Philips Cares comes with a payment information management tool that stores and classifies billing data. It also includes inference-generating data analytics, device operation support, and access to other senior care services offered by the company. Philips is expected to release the app to the public in the first half of this year. The app will come ready-to-use, and more functionality will be added in the following updates.

Taking senior care to the next level

A huge chunk of the US population is shifting towards the senior phase of their lives, making it necessary for healthcare providers to come up with better senior care products. The senior care industry is already very understaffed, and the only way to keep up right now is cutting edge technology. New senior care devices and products assist professionals in hospital and speciality living environments.

It is equally important for family members to be in the constant loop of the senior member’s health. At the same time, the health management should be understandable for them. This is why the new Philips Cares platform is very consumer-friendly and can strike a chord with users as a senior service hub.

The best part about the app is that multiple people can track the health at any given time, thus ensuring that someone or the other is constantly looking out for any potential health risks.

Life as an ageing senior person can be challenging and demands constant care. Having peace of mind with regard to a senior family member’s health is of the highest priority. With access to tools like Philips Cares, old age becomes slightly more convenient and smoother for senior persons. It helps them remain healthy and at the moment. The Philips ecosystem will make senior life more comfortable at home, putting family members’ mind at ease with the help of an app.

Other similar products

Remote monitoring tools are the latest trend in the health tech industry. Home care tech has the biggest opportunity in the senior care bracket, with lots of companies jumping in on the app-based bandwagon. Just last year, Best Buy acquired GreatCall, and investors have turned attention towards senior care-focused companies like Kindly Care and K4Connect.

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