Phillips comes up with ambient experience to enhance post-operative recovery

ambient experience to enhance post-operative recovery

Phillips comes up with ambient experience to enhance post-operative recovery

An environment is initiated to calm the patient before or after any surgery to make post-operative recovery a whole lot easier.

Patients are nervous no matter how small or big their surgery is. Before and after don’t matter, they are nervous and not at all comfortable. Some of them are just too stressed out as they are away from their family members in an uncomfortable environment. Calm and comfortable surrounding and environment lead to the patient feeling at ease and not as stressed out. So, calm environments are an important factor for the patient to experience calmness and peace.

Phillips’ Ambient Experience preparation & recovery bay is the solution for the uncomfortable environment in a patient suite. With using colours and lighting according to the calmness that is selected by the patient himself. The suites are designed for relaxation of mind and the heart and also for a hint of comfort in the discomfort experienced by the patient due to surgery or disease.

As per Werner Satter, Business Leader Healthcare Experience Solutions for Phillips that, they believe that shaping the patient experience by creating a calmer, less intimidating environment is one of the best ways of helping people at a point in their lives when they need it most.

Ever since the commercial introduction of their Ambient Experience concept in 2006, they have seen that a purposefully designed patient-centric environment can make a real difference to a patient’s experience and state-of-mind, with the cumulative effect of helping hospitals to improve their workflow and improve staff satisfaction.”

They stay with the patient through the whole process starting from patient arrival till housekeeping which shows its adaptability. It aims at giving the patient the best calm experience after their surgery so that they can feel comfortable and recover fast. As researches show that patients in a calm environment experience comfort and they recover faster than normal with ease and their pain-stress is reduced too.

Philip’s official website quoted that they offer a comprehensive portfolio of experience consulting services and Ambient Experience room solutions, backed by research, to help transform the care environment into a comfortable and calming setting for patients and an efficient and motivating workspace for staff.

These people-focused solutions help the hospitals to set themselves apart from their competitors – improving their capability to attract and keep patients as well as capable professionals.

Royal Philips is the leader in health technology and has offered an amazing solution for post-operative recovery using the combination of dynamic lighting and colours that are selected by the patient to create a peaceful and calm environment for him.

It is something which aims at speeding up and calming down the post-operative pain for the patient by using a calm ambient experience. It will roll out to the other markets next year.

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