Phillips brings Telemedicine to Japanese hospitals in collaboration with Showa University

Telemedicine to Japanese hospitals

Philips brings Telemedicine to Japanese hospitals in collaboration with Showa University

Philips is aiming to provide a new remote intensive care unit monitoring program in Japan so that they can provide better healthcare services along with Telemedicine services.

Phillips is a well-known technology company that focuses mainly on improving people’s lives through their healthcare devices that are useful in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. They have developed devices that will bring technology into the health sector. They have stationed their facilities in almost every country to ensure every person have to access to their services. The device will help with patient monitoring and keep health information.

They have collaborated with Showa University in Japan to roll out the country’s first telemedicine program at Showa University hospital and Showa Koto Toyosu Hospital. The program will help in increased savings and case volumes while the mortality rates will go down.

Phillips has implemented these services in different countries like US Middle East and other countries. The Dutch tech has collaborated with the US-based memory healthcare where they are building a remote intensive unit for a monitoring program at the Royal Perth Hospital located in Western Australia. The doctors will be able to reach people in the remote areas especially the nurses and the intensive care doctors located at Perth where they will be able to help patients living in Atlanta Georgia.

The Japanese government wants to ensure eICU will bring the advanced technology required in the modernize hospitals.

Patients will receive real-time monitoring thanks to these devices from Phillips where early intervention can be done using the advanced audio-visual technology.

Through the smart technology, medics will know patients who are deteriorating in health, experts in the remote areas will be able to communicate with caregivers to ensure patients are monitored regularly and ensure they get the right information about their conditions.

Jennifer Kelly, vice president at HealthiVibe, said in a statement. “Aligning with Elligo will increase our industry benchmarking database, providing valuable patient insights that will ultimately enhance our mission of making the patient voice an integral part of the clinical trial development process.”

Hiroyuki Tsusumi who is the CEO of Phillips Japan said in a statement that, “The eICU represents the future of globalized critical care, transforming the delivery of care from the bedside.”

Having a centralized remote patient support center provides the ability to consolidate and standardize care, reduce transfers while maximizing bed utilization, and reassure bedside staff.

This will help reduce costs while enhancing revenues, patient flow, and capacity management across the system.

Patients whose health has deteriorated will not be required to move from their homes to the hospitals to receive treatment. The doctor using the device where they can chat through video link and get to explain everything to the doctor.

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