Samsung targets mHealth market | Incorporates blood pressure monitoring sensor in Galaxy S9

samsung targets mHealth market

Samsung targets mHealth market by embedding blood pressure monitoring sensor in Galaxy S9

Thrilling ways to track your stress and blood pressure, while keeping it at bay!

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ will come with the new digital app, responsible for tracking user’s stress level and blood pressure. This will help researchers to collect data, thereby finding more solutions to reduce the stress, anxiety, and depression. The company in Seoul region, collaborated with the UCSF- University of California San Francisco to improve the research app, named My BP Lab.

This app will help you in keeping track of your stress levels and blood pressure levels. The app is very beneficial for individuals suffering from depression and anxiety as they can monitor their stress and take steps to control it.

On opening the My BP Lab application, UCSF invites them to join a three-week research program. The program is focused on tracking stress and tells different ways to handle it. Participants have to track their sleeping habits along with their diet and BP. Samsung Galaxy’s S9 can be used for tracking the blood pressure. This way, the researchers can get more patterns and insights regarding the health of an individual, as they will have scientifically informed feedbacks. Healthcare professionals across the globe are excited about this technology.

Peter Koo who is the senior VP at Samsung said, we are committed to the health and well-being of individuals and this is the reason we have developed a revolutionary optical sensor in Galaxy S9 and S9+. He further said we are honoured to collaborate with UCSF to utilize this sensor and analyze it through research while providing significant feedback about the health of an individual. At the Unpacked event, where Samsung launched two phones J Koh –chief of Samsung Mobile said, Samsung is the first ever company that brought proper heart rate monitor to mobile phones.

The company did not stop there. It expanded and enhanced the research while providing the service of monitoring blood oxygen level through mobile phones.

By embedding sensors into the Samsung S9 and S9+ phones, researchers want to collect as much data related to individuals stress and blood pressure. This will enable them to understand the individual’s health and provide health services accurately. Wendy Berry Mendes, a professor of psychiatry at UCSF and the Director of the Emotion, Health, and Psychophysiology Lab, said

This study could provide the largest dataset yet on stress, daily emotional experiences, and blood pressure. He further added, our partnership with Samsung could help people all over the world improve their health by managing stress.

S9 and S9+ phones will develop on Bixby AI app in order to include augmented reality. This super exciting app will calculate total calories in your food and give you readings in your native language. The company recently announced that they would collaborate with wearable medical alert device MobileHelp. This partnership will help Samsung in integrating a personal emergency response system to Samsung’s most ravishing S3 smartwatches.

People are very excited and waiting for Samsung’s new features into their products and services along with upcoming stylish wearable devices.

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